10 Tips for Increasing Engagement with Customers, Employees and More

10 Tips for Increasing Engagement with Customers, Employees and More

Building a successful business requires engaging with a lot of different people — customers, social media followers, even your own employees. There’s no shortage of options for increasing engagement. And members of the online small business community have some thoughts to share. Read on for tips on building brand engagement and more.

Build Up Brand Engagement Using Gamification

Getting customers to interact with your brand isn’t always easy. But gamification offers some interesting possibilities for accomplishing that goal. In this Social Media HQ post, Chris Zilles shares some methods that other brands are using to build brand engagement through gamification.

Increase Employee Engagement with These Tips

Customers aren’t the only ones you have to worry about staying engaged with. If your business has employees, then increasing employee engagement can also have many benefits. In this post on Getentrepreneurial.com, Pamela Swift details some tips you can use to increase employee engagement in your small business.

Make the Most of Social Media Automation

Engaging with followers on social media can take up a lot of time. But if you automate certain parts of the process, you can save time to spend more on building genuine engagement. Ben Kazinik shares the case for social media automation in this Inspire to Thrive post. And BizSugar members comment further on the post here.

Don’t Let Your Analytics Mislead You

Analytics provide businesses with powerful tools for learning the most effective ways to market. But there’s a common mistake that businesses tend to make that could lead to some missteps. Susan Solovic explains what it is in this post.

Learn the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can have a variety of different strengths and experiences. But there are some common characteristics that a lot of the most successful ones share. And knowing them can help you potentially make more of your own entrepreneurial experience. Susan Payton lists some in this CorpNet post.

Express Yourself on Social Media

When trying to connect with customers or others on social media, sharing something unique and creative can go a long way. In this post, Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media goes into more detail on why you should express yourself. And the BizSugar community offers thoughts on the post.

Rapidly Create Branded Graphics to Promote Your Content

Visuals are more important than ever when it comes to promoting your business online and especially on social media. So you have to be able to create graphics quickly in order to continually promote your content. Orana Velarde elaborates in this Social Media Examiner post.

Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

Lots of businesses already utilize blogging as a powerful form of content marketing. But podcasts, which offer similar types of content in an audio format, can also be an effective way to market a small business. Learn more in this Smallbiztechnology.com post by Itai Elizur.

Give Yourself Positive Feedback

Every entrepreneur deals with self doubt and negativity at some point. So you have to find ways to keep striving for success even in those times. Giving yourself positive feedback can work wonders, as Chris Farmer explains in a post at Corporate Coach Group. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Make Time for Self Care in Your Personal Development Plan

No matter what type of business you’re starting or growing, self care should be a big part of your strategy. If you don’t make time for taking care of yourself, then that’s likely to catch up with you at some point and make an impact on your business. Read more in the Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

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  1. Engagement is very important. A business after all is a series of relationships. The quality of those relationships will ultimately dictate your business success or failure.

  2. It is all about reaching out to your customers proactively to know about how they are doing and what they think. That simple action can go a long way.

  3. I agree about being proactive. It is like building real life relationships. You have to constantly reach out to ensure that the relationship is still intact. It will encourage your customer to further engage with your brand.

  4. “Make Time for Self Care in Your Personal Development Plan”
    Very true. I found businesses for myself and moving in non-profits made all the difference to love my Business.