Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Shares Advice for Small Business Owners

Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank Shares Advice for Small Business Owners

Entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, one of the sharks on ABC’s hit “Shark Tank,” has great advice for small businesses.

Advice for Small Business Owners

“You need to have distinct value,” he told Small Business Trends in an interview about his latest project, Small Business Revolution on Main Street. “The world is becoming a very noisy place and there’s a lot of competition.”

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Don’t Reward Mediocrity

Herjavec also said the world doesn’t reward mediocrity.

“If you’re going to start a small business, you need to be great at something,” Herjavec said.

Herjavec was also eager to discuss his latest project, a web series called “The Small Business Revolution on Main Street,” designed to document revitalization of small businesses and the towns in which they are located.

Herjavec had some other advice for small businesses he shared during the interview.

Small Business Deals

“You really need to know your numbers and you have to have a very clear marketing presence and a brand,” he said.

Work Together

Bristol, Pennsylvania, is the focus of the second season of “Small Business Revolution on Main Street.” Sponsored by Deluxe, a company providing a variety of small business services, the series brings experts, business and community leaders together, to offer assistance to selected small towns and their business communities.

This assistance includes marketing advice, physical improvements and business advice.

Shine a Light

Amanda Brinkman, a marketing expert at Deluxe Corporation, co-hosts with Herjavec.

“The Small Business Revolution is a movement where we focus on the importance of shining the spotlight on the small businesses in our communities,” Brinkman said.

Make an Investment

“The Small Business Revolution on Main Street” was launched to celebrate the Deluxe’s  100th anniversary.  You can nominate a small town for the third season here.

Like Wabash, Indiana in Season 1, Bristol got a $500,000 dollar investment from Deluxe as well as help from experts like Herjavec.

In addition to his regular appearances on Shark Tank, Herjavec is founder of the Herjavec Group, an information security firm.

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  1. Great sponsorship for Deluxe. Tap into a great content area and get in front of lots of potential customers.

  2. Robert Herjavec is absolutely right about having a “distinct value” and being “great at something” to succeed in today’s small business landscape. Whether it’s an exceptional product, outstanding customer service, value of convenience, etc., a business that fails to be remarkable in any one (or more) things may last a few years but its longevity will always be at risk.