The Power of the Authentic Message in Influencer Marketing

Building Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

Small Business Trends spoke with author, consultant and trainer Jill Lublin at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference in Midtown New York City. Lublin works with influencers looking to build strong networks through authentic connections and kindness. She also recently released a book, The Profit of Kindness, which focuses on building lasting relationships as an influencer.


Building Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

During the conversation, Lublin revealed some of the top ways influencers can build those authentic connections. Of course, kindness is a big one. But she also revealed the power of speaking naturally to your connections and followers, rather than getting caught up in complicated buzzwords and jargon.

Lublin says, “Keep it really simple. Keep it really narrow. And most importantly, speak in soundbites.”

But being authentic means more than just speaking naturally to your audience. Sometimes, it also means sharing the bad along with the good. Nobody is perfect. So if you make mistakes or don’t know something, it’s okay to admit that and be real with those people you’re connecting with — rather than putting on that perfect facade all the time.

Lublin adds, “Don’t spill everything. And keep it professional. I think that’s really important. But I do not think sitting on a throne is going to, shall we say, endear you to your lovely people you influence.”

Finally, Lublin said it’s helpful for influencers to use every part of their story, their personality and all of their interests to make those authentic connections. You never know what’s going to resonate with a particular person. And using all of those aspects can help you be who you really are while you grow your following and build up your influence.

“Use every thing you’ve got,” she says.

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  1. Aira Bongco

    You cannot really promote a brand online without being authentic. Authenticity is now required in the modern online business.

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