5 Steps to Follow During the Small Business Startup Process

The 5 Best Small Startup Resources

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It’s a common question — “What should I do to successfully launch my startup?”

Best Small Startup Resources

There are a lot of things you can do to get your small business going, and turning to the best resources to help you is one of them. Check out this list of the 5 best small startup resources you should utilize to get your business up and running.

Read the Right Books

Take a couple days to read “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. Whether you have business ideas for fashionistas or foodies, you know your idea is one people will love. However it’s not that simple. Read this book and use what you learn to help you run your business. Tony shares the roller coaster he rode on his journey to success – a cautionary tale that is great for any individual venturing into building a business from the ground up. This book can help you prepare mentally for the hardships and victories that you’ll experience as an entrepreneur.

Talk About Your Business

Think you have an innovative idea like Uber or AirBnB? If so, the next thing you need to do is head to LegalZoom.com. It will cost $99 and state filing feels, but will allow you to share your business, not just your idea, and protect it too. The company has helped close to 2 million people start or run their business. It’s a big step to move from the inspiration stage to actually sharing your business and turning it into reality. This is one of the most meaningful steps in setting up a business.

Build a Solid Business Plan

If you need a business plan — and all businesses do — the Small Business Administration is a great resource for businesses of any size. Turn your business idea into a reality with a high-quality industry-targeted business plan. A business plan is an important tool that can help you be a better entrepreneur. There are endless benefits of a business; they help you stay on strategy, ensure your objectives are clear, utilize milestones to keep you on track, and empower you to be better at delegating.  Your business plan doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should be a collection of lists and bullet points that set expectations to help you effectively manage the future.

Buy a Domain

You need to find a domain — and buy it. GoDaddy makes registering Domain Names as simple and affordable as possible. As of May of 2017, GoDaddy had 17 million customers across the world. Turn to this web hosting company to help you create a website for your new small business. Websites build credibility, act as the anchor for your marketing, and house important information. Every business needs to think of a website as a fundamental and affordable tool that leads to success.

Utilize Social Media

It’s great you don’t have to rely solely on mailers to market your business today. Your startup needs to harness the power of social media to advertise products and services and interact with customers. Social media increases brand awareness, forges connections with customers, and allows you to reach a wider audience. Focus on a platform or two. If you’re a wiz at snapping captivating photos, make sure you’re present on Instagram. If you write concise and compelling marketing spiels in less than 140 characters, Twitter should be your new best pal. It’s vital to take the steps to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Social media is the perfect place for you to showcase your abilities.

Starting a new business venture is intimidating, but entirely possible and exciting at the same time. Use these tips to help you launch your startup and your business will be off the ground in no time.

What other resources would you recommend for those trying to launch a startup?

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