Apply These 15 Big Brand Secrets to Improve Your Company Culture (Infographic)

Company Culture Examples to Use as Inspiration

Most big companies started out small. Google started in a garage while the idea for Facebook was born at a university campus. It goes without saying, small businesses can learn a lot from these big players and their success strategies.

The question is what do these big companies do differently to stay ahead? The answer: they have excelled at creating a strong company culture.

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Company Culture Examples

London-based serviced apartment agent SilverDoo has compiled a list of company culture lessons you can learn from the world’s biggest companies.

Google Believes Communication is Key

At Google, every new employee is greeted with an open door policy. This allows new employees to access information quickly, engage in more open communication and form work relationships.

For a small business, communication plays an even bigger role because teams tend to be smaller. By boosting communication, companies can improve teamwork and cooperation between resources.

Etsy Aims to Break the Mold

Successful companies change the status-quo from time to time. Take Etsy, for example. The company strove to promote workplace diversity by hiring more female engineers. The strategy worked and even benefited the recruitment of male employees who were equally excited about the promotion of diversity within the company.

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Etsy proved how an inclusive and diverse workplace can foster creativity and help attract talent.

Nike Focuses on Internal Development

A constant challenge for small businesses is to retain their top talent. One company has shown how internal development can help address this problem. Nike (NYSE:NKE) encourages its employees to work out which direction they would like their careers to take. Once they have decided, employees are encouraged to share their aspirations with Nike so the company can help them develop internally.

Showing employees that you care about their career growth is a great way to increase their loyalty towards your company.

To know more about the winning strategies of large corporations, check out the infographic below:

Company Culture Examples to Use as Inspiration

Images: Silver Door


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  1. Inspirational. It is nice to see at what other companies are doing to enhance their company culture.

  2. We can all look at these companies and learn from them. Surely, they are doing something right to achieve what they have now.