Add 2 Sources of Additional Revenue Through New CorpNet Partner Program

Add 2 Sources of Additional Revenue Through CorpNet Partner Program

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Does your small business help other entrepreneurs establish their own company? CorpNet has created a new partner program designed to help you manage the formation and compliance of businesses for your clients. At the same time, you can become a Corpnet Reseller or Referral Partner to increase your revenue.

Introducing the CorpNet Partner Program

With this service, CorpNet will handle formation and compliance issues as your silent partner. The automated process will manage your clients’ compliance documents and notify you of important due dates and compliance deadlines.

Sell Your Business

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There are many accountants, bookkeepers, business coaches, and consultants that maintain the business filings and corporate compliance of their clients. In many cases, these are small businesses with a small workforce. The new program from CorpNet will take care of these services, so you can focus on the core functions of your company. 

CorpNet Reseller or Referral Partner

As a Reseller Partner, you control the customers for your brand, while CorpNet does all the work as a silent fulfillment partner. This option is good if you are a business looking to add more value to the services you offer for your clients.

As a reseller, you can access the resources of the company by speaking with a business filing expert to answer questions about all 50 states.

Small Business Deals

If on the other hand you just want to earn a commission for referring a client to CorpNet, the Referral Partner program may be a better option. CorpNet will take care of business startup and compliance services and pay you for the referral. The company says the commission can go as high as 25 percent.

Becoming a Partner

According to CorpNet, CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers who assist small business owners, and others who consult or advise these businesses and startups can become partners. The partners are accepted after what the company says is a very selective screening process.

Even if your small business doesn’t provide business formation and compliance services, the Corpnet Reseller or Referral Partner program could be a new way to increase your revenue and attract new customers.

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