13 Credit Card Readers for Your Small Retail Business

13 Credit Card Readers for Your Small Retail Business

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Society is increasingly becoming cashless. As plastic continues to replace cash, it’s imperative small businesses keep up with modern payment demands and have card readers at hand to enable customers to pay by card from any location.

Retail Credit Card Readers

If you’re unsure what card readers there are available, take a look at the following 13 credit card readers for your small retail business.

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Square Reader

Small retail businesses can accept credit, debit and contactless payments anywhere with the Square Reader. Simply plug the reader into devices with Apple Pay and Android Pay and you’ll be able to accept payments via chip and PIN cards from customers anywhere.

Clover Go

In 2016, First Data announced its new credit card reader was joining the marketplace, Clover Go. Working with the Clover Go app for Android and iOS, small retailers plug the EMV-enabled reader into their smartphone or tablet and accept payment via cards.

Freshbooks Card Reader

In December 2015, the popular cloud accounting company Freshbooks announced it was launching a credit card reader. Equipped with dual chip-and-swipe technology so it’s able to accept the magnetic stripe cards, as well as the new EMV chip cards, the Freshbooks Card Reader can accept payment from virtually any credit card.

Etsy Sell on Card Reader

Etsy might be a fundamentally online retail brand but the company recognizes the need for consumers to buy products face-to-face. Consequently, the popular ecommerce site launched its Sell on Etsy Card Reader. The card scanner plugs into a mobile device and provides merchants with another point-of-sale solution for when they sell at craft fairs and other physical locations.

Small Business Deals

PayPal Here

Wherever your business goes, your sales can go too with PayPal Here, PayPal’s credit card reader. PayPal Here claims to be one of the easiest ways for businesses to accept more forms of payment. PayPal charges a 2.7 percent fee per swipe transaction in the U.S.

iZettle Reader

iZettle enables small businesses to accept credit card and contactless payments, wherever and whenever. The credit card reader claims to accept payments 25 percent faster than the other mobile card readers on the market. No matter what card a customer uses, iZettle will deposit the funds of the sale into your account within 1 to 2 business days.

SumUp Air

The SumUp Air Card Reader has several unique features to consider. The reader processes payments within seconds, whether you are swiping a card in the store or on the go. Payments are received straight into your bank account, meaning you are never left waiting for your funds. The SumUp Card Reader costs a one-off fee of $69.


WePay provides merchants with a mobile card reader designed to integrate with your other business software.  And the EMV-certified card reader allows you to accept both chip and traditional magnetic stripe cards.

Pogo Card Reader

In 2016, PNC Bank introduced a mobile credit card reader named Pogo. This mobile card reader enables small businesses to accept credit card payments wherever they are, making it perfect for craft businesses, food truck operators and other microbusinesses that don’t operate from a fixed location.

WorldPay Mobile Card Machine

WorldPay provides businesses with a fast, reliable and secure device for taking card payments from customers. WorldPay’s mobile card machines accept all major credit and debit cards and serve customers within seconds with contactless technology. The company offers flexible pricing plans for its mobile card solutions, catering to your business’s individual payment requirements.


PayAnywhere accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal credit card payments, for a fee of 2.69 percent per swipe or tap. You can take payments from your customers and clients on the go. And PayAnywhere accepts magnetic stripe, EMV chip cards and contactless payments.

Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment works with the Android and BlackBerry operating systems and with iPhones and other Apple devices. Simply attach the card reader to a mobile device and accept card payments from customers anywhere. The card reader works with QuickBooks, meaning all transactions are synced with QuickBooks Desktop and Intuit Point of Sale products. This allows you to manage your small business’s transactions and finances with ease and efficiency.


ROAMPay allows you to convert your smartphone into a secure point of sale terminal. With the ROAMPay card reader, you can process electronic transactions quickly and over a secure network, regardless of the location of the customer.

Can you think of any credit card readers designed for making mobile payments missed here? If so, please share them in the comment section below!

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