MailChimp Introduces Google Retargeting Ads Small Businesses Can Use

MailChimp Adds Google Display Retargeting Ads In MailChimp to its Automation "Brain"

MailChimp has launched a Google Remarketing Ads product, meaning small businesses that use the MailChimp dashboard are able to create retargeting ads all for no additional cost.

Google Display Retargeting Ads in MailChimp

By incorporating retargeted ads into the MailChimp user interface, MailChimp has made it much easier for businesses to use Google Ads. The Google Remarketing Ads product enables businesses to recapture the attention of visitors who leave their websites and return them to their sites when they’re ready to buy.

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More than 15 million small businesses use MailChimp to send millions of emails every day. The MailChimp platform helps small businesses and ecommerce retailers grow by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to improve their performance.

Retargeting ads are an effective way for small businesses to sell more and significantly increase revenue. Regardless of the size of your business or budget, Google remarketing ads are a low-cost and effective way to capitalise on already existing MailChimp marketing efforts.

As Tom Klein, MailChimp’s Chief Marketing Officer, states in a post on the official Mail Chimp blog:

“Retargeting takes advantage of all the work you’ve done to bring customers to your site the first time. That’s why retargeting ads usually cost the least and earn the highest ROI. If you’re not retargeting, you probably should be.”

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Introduction Google Retargeting Ads to its dashboard represents another step towards MailChimp becoming a multichannel marketing platform. This latest marketing strategy is part of a comprehensive package of automation services, which MailChimp refers to as the ‘Brain’.

This suite of automated marketing tools for businesses’ emailing, ad-targeting and ecommerce requirements, is cleverly nicknamed the ‘Brain’, due to the fact it helps time and cash-strapped small businesses have a ‘second brain’ to help run their businesses more efficiently and ultimately improve their bottom line.

By adding Google Retargeting Ads to its automation ‘Brain’, MailChimp has introduced yet another marketing strategy to help small businesses grow their audiences through a long-term, comprehensive marketing campaign.

Image: MailChimp

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  1. That is a really weird video and I really don’t see a strong connection with remarketing. Hopefully MailChimp provides better context.

  2. Retargeting is like magic. You just send one email and it converts like crazy. But this only happens if you have some really loyal followers.