LiveChat Teams with BotEngine to Make You Available to Customers – Anytime

LiveChat and BotEngine Team Up to Bring Bot Chat Power to Your Site's Visitors

You want to deliver the best possible customer service for your small business 24/7, but you want to do it without breaking the bank. The new integration between LiveChat and BotEngine will let you create chat bots for any scenario so you can be available anytime for your customers.

The new collaboration between LiveChat and BotEngine brings together live customer chat on websites, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and chatbots. All LiveChat customers can now use the technology from BotEngine to deploy chat bots using a drag and drop interface.

What are LiveChat and BotEngine?

In order to understand the impact of the integration between both companies, it is important to know what each one does.

LiveChat is an app which allows visitors on your website to chat live with your customer support. You can chat on your mobile device, tablet, or PC anytime and anywhere. More than 21,000 small and large businesses, including Best Buy, GoDaddy, Huawei, PayPal and others use it.

BotEngine lets you create intelligent chat bots to communicate with your customers.

The Benefit of the Integration for Small Businesses

As a small business you will now be able to create chat bots on your LiveChat platform to answer many of the questions for your customers. Whether you are busy or closed for the day, the bots you create will be able to answer the most common question customers ask. Moreover, because BotEngine lets you create the scenarios as stories, you can provide answers specific to your company.

Creating a Bot

Creating a bot is as easy as going to the LiveChat or BotEngine sites and choosing the corresponding company’s link. There you will set up your Bot Agent. You will be prompted to answer questions for creating the scenario for your company.

After you integrate with BotEngine, the bots get triggered when a visitor starts a chat on your website. And if the bot can’t complete the task the customer asks, they can request an agent or be directed automatically.

In addressing the use of chat bots by businesses, Mariusz Cieply, CEO at LiveChat, said in a release, “Customer service is moving quickly with evolving technology. Currently, bots are a hot trend. Some people might not want to chat with robots at first, but it changes when bots give them what they expect – convenience, speed and personalization.”

Being available 24/7 is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. The BotEngine integration with LiveChat will help your small business interact with your customers day or night. According to LiveChat, the bots can take on thousands of chats at the same time.

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  1. Interesting. I guess there is also generational shift going on as well behind such uptake in that younger people who are more willing to try out new technologies are finding themselves in decision making positions and are thus more willing to experiment with newer technologies, than older folk may be inclined to. But this is a good development, it would be interesting to see how it develops as AI gets better and newer technologies emerge.

  2. Hi Mancuniu,
    Great point. But, decision makers of all generation are going to have to adopt the same willingness to implement new technologies if they want to compete and remain relevant with the emergence of AI and the challenges it will bring in the workforce.

  3. Today, most of the websites are using livechat. Its really good for customers. I didn’t know so much about bot engine. But you have explained in brief. Thank you so much for giving me such information.

  4. Hi Rashmi,

    You are welcome.

  5. In every high customer engagement business, it is very tough to handle the customer queries in live chat, to help them out conversational ai is more advanced than the chatbot I guess.