Can a Mobile App Save Your Construction Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Can Mobile Construction Apps Save Your Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Like any other business, the foundation of a successful construction business depends on effective communication and documentation. And this is where many construction companies — especially the small businesses — tend to struggle.

The Rise of Mobile Construction Apps

That’s why, a growing number of construction companies are now turning to mobile apps to get organized.

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An Effective ‘App’roach to Boosting Productivity

According to data shared by construction productivity software company PlanGrid, 32 percent of mobile productivity software users saved five plus hours per week on average. That’s particularly significant for any small business owner.

Data also shows how mobile apps can reduce inefficiencies to save costs. To give an example, a one percent reduction of construction costs can potentially save $100 billion a year globally. (So you can imagine how much it can save at your small construction firm.)

Transforming a Construction Company’s Triple Bottom Line

Mobile apps are attractive to construction businesses as they provide a number of benefits. Some of these benefits include real-time information updates, document storage and improved accountability.

By making processes more streamlined and communication more transparent, mobile apps ultimately help businesses boost customer satisfaction.

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Lay the Groundwork for Success

But success depends on how well a business leverages the technology. It’s therefore crucial that a business understands who needs it and how best it can be used. For that, it’s important to answer a few questions.

For example, which departments at your construction business can collaborate better using the app? Do they need training? Who can guide them to become more digitally proficient?

An app can deliver desired results only when the organization knows how to use it. With the right solutions, it’s easier to navigate the route.

To learn more about how an app can help you build a more structured construction business, check out the infographic below:

Can Mobile Construction Apps Save Your Company Time and Money? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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