Veterans Small Business Week Celebrates Economic Contribution of Service Members

National Veterans Small Business Week 2017 Celebrates Economic Contribution of Service Members

Military veterans put their lives on the line to protect their country.

And when they retire from active duty, many U.S. vets decide to take another big risk. They go into business for themselves. In fact, there are 2.5 million veteran-owned small businesses across the country.

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This week, from Oct. 30 until Nov. 3, the U.S. Small Business Administration is celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of military veterans with National Veterans Small Business Week.

National Veterans Small Business Week 2017

The SBA has a full slate of activities scheduled to honor veterans and their contribution to the U.S. economy.

“Veteran owned businesses are a critical pillar of the U.S. economy as they contribute more than $1.14 trillion to the nation’s annual total sales and receipts,” SBA Administrator Linda McMahon says in a release from the federal agency.

“Through entrepreneurship and business ownership, these veterans continue their service by not only contributing to the economy, but also by creating economic opportunities for other Americans. The moments that matter for veteran entrepreneurs matter to us as well, and SBA is proud to celebrate, honor and support them.”

According to the SBA website, there are events planned nationwide for military veterans to be honored for the continued contribution to the country they serve. In addition, there will be resources available from local communities, SBA partners and from SBA regional offices for military veterans. At any of these events, military vets can get information on starting a business or on keeping one going.

“From officially opening a business to making a revenue goal, there are so many moments that matter during a veteran’s entrepreneurship journey,” says Barb Carson, Associate Administrator for the SBA’s Office of Veterans Business Development in the release.

“This year’s NVSBW is such an exciting opportunity for SBA to celebrate these moments that matter while highlighting the ways SBA is here to support each incredible journey,” Carson added.

In addition to the normal festivities and events planned around this week, the SBA is also hosting two special seminars in Houston and Miami to help veteran-owned small businesses impacted by this summer’s major hurricanes access the help they need.

Twitter Chat

On Nov. 2 , the SBA will host a Twitter chat using the hashtag, #MyVetBiz. The chat will be titled “Business Tips for Veteran Entrepreneurs” and it starts at 3 p.m. EDT.

Image: SBA

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