POLL — Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?

POLL — Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?

Do you carry business liability insurance? Why or why or not?

It’s true your business may still be quite small. And maybe you’re not even clear on precisely what business liability insurance is — and what it covers.

So What is Business Liability Insurance?

Well, basically it’s insurance that protects you and your employees from claims of personal or bodily injury or property damage brought by another business or individual.

What are some simple examples?

Well, suppose a client is visiting your office. Your employee leaves a piece of equipment in the middle of the office and your client trips and falls.

Or suppose you or your employees are at your client’s office working on the computer system and accidentally delete critical business data that hasn’t been protected.

Suppose a member of your team operates a personal website and creates posts slandering an important client online — triggering a suit against your company?

Still think you don’t need business liability insurance? Anyway, we’d still like to know.

Do you Have Business Liability Insurance?

Please answer our poll below.

Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?

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  1. Wow. So it is more common in businesses than I thought. I guess business liability is more important than I thought it is.