Ring Protect Can Provide 24/7 Security for Your Home Business for Less Than $300

Ring Protect Can Provide 24-7 Security for Your Home Business for Less Than $300

Ring is adding a new feature for its DIY security system with Ring Protect.

With Protect, you will get professional monitoring and unlimited camera storage for just $10 per month or $100 per year. And unlike legacy monitoring services that rely on long term contracts, with Ring there are no contracts or other fees.

Here’s a quick video to show how Ring Protect works:

The Ring Protect System

The DIY system of Ring makes it possible for you to install the hardware in your home or at your small business. And with more people working from the home, it is increasingly becoming one and the same.

In addition to the monitoring service, Ring Protect comes with a keypad, base station, door/window sensor, passive infrared sensor and Z-wave extender. This bundle starts at $199, and you can add more sensors, Ring Doorbells and Cams to better protect the premises and your neighborhood.

Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring, writes on the company blog, “Our mission ‘To Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods’ guides us in everything we do here at Ring.”

The Power of Digital Technology

The Ring Doorbells and Cams use digital technology to let you view your home or business on your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere. And this makes it a real DIY solution for small home-based business owners who don’t have the budget or patience for a major security system installation. This has catapulted Ring to major success, selling — the company claims — more than 50,000 units of Ring Doorbells each month. The company has also raised almost $100 million in three rounds of funding to date for further expansion.

Ring Protect Can Provide 24-7 Security for Your Home Business for Less Than $300

With this technology, Ring is also providing video recording and storage. The recorded video can be stored in the cloud with features to save events and share the content with authorities or insurance agents.

If you already have the Ring Doorbells or Cams already installed, you can get the video recording service for $3 per month per camera or $10 for unlimited cameras.

Protecting Your Small Business

Chicago-based insurance agency Insureon reported 8.8 percent of small businesses suffered a burglary of theft in 2016. For many small companies the recovery process can be long or even impossible. A DIY solution such as Ring, gives you more control so you can better protect your home, and the company you worked so hard to establish.

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  1. This is is what most small businesses need today. A way to protect their business that is easy on the budget. Some security softwares are so expensive that small business owners dismiss the idea of security until something bad comes up.

  2. Hi Aira,
    You are right. Price really does discourage many small businesses from getting something that they really need, in this case a proper security system.

  3. you are right dear, security system is one of the needs of every small and big business. this is a way to protect their business that is easy to use and protective as well as in the budget.there are many security systems and software are available in the market which is too expensive and unsafe.