Samsung’s Extra Wide Screen Shows How Two Monitors Can Make Your Small Business Better

Use 2 Monitors at Your Desk? Check Out the New Samsung Ultrawide Curved Monitor

Has the display limitation of your desktop monitor made your small business less productive? Multiple monitors have solved this problem, but the new 49 inch Samsung QLED CHG90 looks to do it in one device.

The New Samsung Ultrawide Curved Monitor

The ultra-wide CHG90 QLED monitor is being advertised primarily as a gaming monitor. However, Samsung is also pushing the business application of this behemoth.

For many small businesses in the creative, design, engineering, accounting, medical and other fields, the CHG90 can make each person more efficient. This monitor can serve as two separate screens for different devices, and it can be divide into multiple windows of varying sizes.

Samsung said, “This functionality makes it possible for users to, for instance, set up two separate workspaces by connecting their monitor to both their DeX Station and their personal computer.”

In addition to letting you view your designs, documents and other images with less scrolling and zooming, the monitor is also easier to set up and use. This means no more mismatched screens, multiple cables, and bezel breaks. You will essentially have two 27” monitors side by side on one screen without the trouble of bringing two displays together.

How Does a Large Monitor Make Your Small Business Better?

The biggest benefit is it allows you and your employees to view more information. If you are not opening multiple windows and tabs to access the information you need, it means more time for the primary task.

The simple act of clicking back and forth and remembering where a particular piece of information is inefficient and stressful. By removing all these barriers with a single monitor, your company can be more productive.

Better for Your Eyes

Let’s face it we are spending more time staring at monitors, and every new feature designed to protect our sight is a welcomed innovation. The CHG90 is engineered to cause less eye fatigue because it matches the natural curvature of your eyes. It also uses Samsung’s Flicker Free technology and blue light-reducing Eye Saver Mode to reduce eye fatigue.

Here are some of the key specs for the monitor:

  • Screen Size 49″
  • Resolution of 3840×1080
  • Aspect Ratio 32:9
  • VA LCD panel with one millisecond response time
  • A 144 hertz refresh rate
  • HDR10
  • First monitor to feature AMD’s FreeSync 2 technology
  • Samsung’s quantum-dot technology
  • HDMI 2.0 (2 ports)
  • USB Hub 3.0 (1UP 2DOWN)

The 49-inch Samsung QLED CHG90 is now available for $1,500.

Image: Samsung

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