Thumbtack Instant Match Can Connect Your Service Business to New Customers in Seconds

Thumbtack Instant Match Can Connect Your Service Business to New Customers in Seconds

Thumbtack, an online service matching customers with local professionals, has unveiled a new automated feature called Instant Match that connects local service professionals and customers across the U.S in real time. The feature automatically matches a customer with a specific need to a qualified pro for the job within seconds, enabling your small service-based business to effectively market and scale.

Thumbtack Instant Match Helps Local Services Business Scale

“Instant Match is the first critical step toward making it as easy to shop for local services as it is to buy anything else online,” writes Marco Zappacosta, co-founder and CEO of Thumbtack in a release. “We’re creating the tools and infrastructure needed to help these local professionals grow their business at the speed and scale of the web and compete in today’s mobile and ecommerce landscape.”

Thumbtack already serves over 250,000 service-based small businesses each quarter across the U.S. by connecting them to customers who have a job they need done. However, until now, that required service pros to manually review and respond to each job request, a time-consuming process.

Instant Match removes this challenge by gathering a comprehensive set of details and preferences from the service pros, including skills, pricing, budget and availability, and automatically sending these details instantly to the customer in need of the professional’s specific talent, while they work on other jobs.

Frees Time to Work on Other Jobs

With Instant Match, your small business can automatically respond to customer needs immediately. Even for non-service small businesses that need to hire a service pro or contractor for a variety of reasons, the feature can instantly connect you with providers in your area who are available to work. This can be the secret to your business’s continued success in today’s competitive, on-demand world.

“The growth Thumbtack has afforded me has been just amazing,” says Joel Scott, a DJ and photo booth operator in New Jersey, quoted in the Thumbstack release. “Now I feel like I have an assistant working on this for me, which frees my time to work on things that will help me actually close jobs. It’s like I have an admin taking care of the quoting for me.”

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  1. This is great if you are looking for customers for your service. And if you manage to find a talented person that meets your rate, you have a win.