Vimeo Live is the Latest Livestreaming Option for Small Business

Vimeo Live Streaming Offering is the Latest Livestreaming Option for Small Business

Video has to be part of your small business marketing mix if you want to compete. And live streaming is playing a bigger role in how video is used. While there are several free options in the marketplace, Vimeo Live has chosen to go with a subscription model that offers much more than its free counterparts.

The Vimeo Live service was launched after the company acquired Livestream and integrated the technology in September of this year. In addition to Livestreams’ technology, Vimeo also added a number of features to make the value proposition of the service worth considering.

Until very recently, small businesses didn’t use video because of the complexity and cost associated with the technology. But the advent of smartphones and the internet has removed this barrier. However, most small businesses are using the free tools readily available online to make their videos. This has been hit or miss, something you don’t want to do if you want to continuously add value to your brand.

In the press release on the acquisition, Jordan Smith, PR Associate at Vimeo, says the company will, “Empower creators to capture, edit, stream, and archive live events, as well as host, distribute and monetize videos, all in one seamless workflow.” This workflow is comprehensive with professional grade tools it will offer your small business to start live streaming. 

Vimeo Live Streaming Video

The company describes Vimeo Live as a true end-to-end video solution for professionals, businesses and organizations by combining Vimeo and Livestream.

It starts with best-in-class production tools and services for capturing, broadcasting and editing live events by Livestream. Once the content is captured, Vimeo’s streaming technology is used to broadcast live events in full 1080p with built-in cloud transcoding and adaptive streaming.

Content Distribution

Even though the video is live, it can be archived and stored automatically. This makes it possible to use content for future broadcasting. The Vimeo player can also be embedded almost anywhere, allowing you to see who is attending with stats to track performance, as well as enabling live chat and email capture in the player.


If you are a freelancer or a small business creating video content regularly, the Vimeo platform makes it much easier to monetize your library. You can offer your videos for rent, purchase or subscription to a worldwide audience. The company said it is going to be integrating over-the-top technology in the future so your live content can be branded across iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon, Samsung, and others.

Access to Professional Grade Technology

With Vimeo Live, your small business will have access to professional grade technology. Everything from the creation to the distribution of your video can be managed under one platform. Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo added in the release, “We can empower a diverse range of creators to produce beautiful live experiences with professionalism and ease.”

Can a Small Business Afford Vimeo Live?

Depending on the industry you happen to be in, the answer is yes. Each tier has a successive number of features so you can create, manage, distribute, market and monetize your videos. It starts with Pro Live at $75 per month, Business Live for $300 per month, and Custom Live for $800 per month.

If you are using Periscope, YouTube, Facebook or another solution for free, you may definitely notice a difference.

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