Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Favorites Will Let Customers Rank Your Local Business

2017 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites: Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Favorites Will Let Customers Rank Your Local Business

Nextdoor, a free and private social networking service for neighborhoods, recently announced its 2017 list of favorite neighbor-vetted local businesses, dubbed “Neighborhood Favorites.” The public list of favorite local spots celebrates and recognizes the best businesses in local communities annually. It can help promote your local mom and pop business, while also acting as a vetted guide for foodies across U.S. cities.

2017 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites

“Nextdoor members shared more than 17 million recommendations for their favorite local businesses, resulting in more than 200,000 Neighborhood Favorite local businesses this year in a variety of categories,” the San Francisco-based private social network said in a post on the company’s blog.

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Among the Neighborhood Favorites winners whose businesses have captured the hearts of customers in their community is Clary Sage Salon and Spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“Being a Neighborhood Favorite to us means we are providing a superior experience to our guests,” owner Rebecca Banuelo told Nextdoor.

The new annual awards program lets neighborhood customers rank local businesses in more than 100,000 neighborhoods across the country. To see Neighborhood Favorite winners in your neighborhood, just visit the Recommendations section on the Nextdoor website. If on the mobile app, click the heart icon in the bottom navigation bar to see your Neighborhood Favorites.

Is Your Business a Favorite in Your Neighborhood?

Nextdoor allows users to register after verifying both their identity and address. Once registered, you belong to a neighborhood and can see and chat with any nearby users who have signed up. Users can also vote on their favorite neighborhood businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, salons and hardware stores. The result is a customized, accessible online list of the best of the best businesses.

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Not only is Neighborhood Favorites a powerful resource in your neighborhood, but it can also serve as a legitimate travel guide that highlights your small business and increases business from visitors coming to your neighborhood or city. The best local businesses are often the ones recommended by neighbors.

“These amazing local businesses are what make each of our neighborhoods unique and special,” adds Nextdoor.

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  1. Yes, local favorites where neighbors vote for Publix and Longhorn Steakhouse. Way to celebrate and support your favorite LOCAL businesses. What do you expect though from ppl who need an app to talk to neighbors…