15 Child Care Business Franchises to Consider

15 Child Care Franchise Business Opportunities to Consider

Working parents will always require help with child care. In fact, it’s hardly surprising that child care is a $47.8 billion a year industry, that’s growing. For this reason, child care presents a sought-after opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a rewarding and stable business venture to become involved in.

Child Care Franchise List

If you’re thinking about starting your own child care business, take a look at the following 15 child care franchise business opportunities that provide the perfect route into this thriving and rewarding industry.

Children’s Lighthouse

Children’s Lighthouse offers child care services for children from six weeks old up to 12 years. The company was founded in Texas in the 1990s and started franchising in 1999. This child care organization has more than 40 franchises in the United States and is seeking new units.

An initial investment of $635,500 to $4,511,000 is required. Franchisees are provided with comprehensive home office training, as well as ongoing training and field support. The company also provides strong marketing and advertising programs to help franchisees build enrollment and retain customers.

All About Kids

All About Kids are childcare and learning centers that operate in various locations in Kentucky and Ohio. It is one of the fastest-growing childcare franchises in the area. Franchisees benefit from joining an experienced team, which has a successful business model in place. Suitable applicants don’t need to be experienced in child care, just a good business sense and the ambition to succeed.

An initial franchise investment with All About Kids is between $2,677,500 to $3,372,500.

Primrose School Franchising Co.

Primrose Schools provide child care programs for young children, from six weeks to six years old. The organization offers Quality Assurance Programs and is committed to continuing educations for teachers.

Primrose School Franchising Co. has been franchising since 1989. It currently has around 350 franchises and is seeking new units throughout the US. An initial investment of between $716,680 to $5,829,078 is required and a liquid cash requirement of $480,562 to $699,489. Franchisees benefit from a road map and support system, designed to help them navigate the challenges of site selection and school development.

Discovery Point

Discovery Point is a childcare business located in the southeastern region of the United States. The company offers the opportunity to prospective franchisees of a franchise model offering year-round educational child care for children of age 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Discovery Point has been franchising since 1990 and has more than 40 franchises throughout the southeastern US. An initial franchise fee of $75,000 is required, as well as an ongoing royalty fee of roughly $6,000 per month. Discovery Point’s turnkey business model, real estate investment opportunity, nationally recognized curriculum, corporate training and ongoing support make it easy for franchisees to begin providing quality child care in their community.

Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy was founded in 1981 and has been franchising since 1992. The organization has getting on for 200 franchises throughout the US and is looking to open new units that are led talented individuals from diverse backgrounds.

A liquid capital requirement of $200,000 if leasing is required and $500,000 if purchasing. Franchisees do not need a child care background to be successful with Kiddie Academy’s franchise opportunity, just commitment to follow the company’s proven systems.

KLA Schools

KLA Schools franchises are continuing to grow nationwide. The company is looking for qualified franchisees who are passionate about the care and education of young children. The schools originated in 2008 and opened the KLA Schools Franchise Program in 2010.

An upfront cash investment of $90,000 is required. Potential earnings depend on the size of the school. Applicants must have a background in education. Franchisees can decide how involved in the school’s daily operations they would like to be.

Goddard School Franchise

Goddard School offers child year programs all year round for children from six weeks to six years old, including summer programs and after-school enrichment. The company started franchising in 1988 and has more than 460 locations nationwide.

The minimum investment required is $704,800 to $764,600 and a minimum cash injection of $150,000. The Goddard School’s leadership team comprises of experience professionals in franchising, education and child card, and provide franchisees with the help and support required to develop their business.

Rainbow Station

Rainbow Station has 25 years of building successful franchise operations. The organization’s franchise model ensures a franchisee’s mission for providing children with quality care and education will be met.

An initial investment of $3,546,150 to $6,473,700 is required to become a Rainbow Station business owner and benefit from a system that encourages teacher and administration ownership, innovation and collaboration.

Genius Kids

Genius Kids is an independent accelerated learning center and franchise, which is driven by an ethos that every child is a ‘genius.’ There are around 34 Genius Kids child care centers around the US.

The organization offers franchise opportunities for interested individuals to own their own thriving Genius Kids business. An initial investment of $239,900 to $619,500 is required. Franchisees receive ongoing support and training to help them run a successful Genius Kids franchise.

Creative World School

Creative World School was established in 1970 in Missouri. Today, more than 5,000 families choose a Creative World School to care for and educate their children. Creative World offers franchise opportunities from initial investments of between $2,435,300 to $5,206,000. Franchisees are provided with all the necessary tools and training to build a business that contributes to developing communities and building children’s futures.

Lightbridge Academy

Franchises with Lightbridge Academy provide programs for children aged six weeks to six years. These programs include summer camps and after-school enrichment. The company currently has almost 30 franchise units across several states.

An initial investment of $525,728 to $728,635 is required to run a Lightbridge Academy Franchise. Successful franchisees must embody Lightbridge Academy’s core values and a mutual appreciation of integrity, leadership and the ability to provide the highest quality of care to youngsters.

Seeking Sitters

Seeking Sitters provides low-cost and efficient babysitting, child care and nanny services around the US. The company’s professionally-designed online programs provide time management systems to help franchisees successfully run their own babysitting franchise. The initial investment is between $59,200 and $91,000.

Adventure Kids Playcare

For anyone with a passion for kids and the desire to run their own business, starting an Adventure Kids franchise could be the best move. Qualified applicants must have a positive personality, be energetic, and love being around children.

The organization has around nine franchises around the United States. An initial investment fee of $344,250 to $589,000 is required.

The Learning Experience Academy of Early Education

Franchises with the Learning Experience Academy of Early Education are available at sites across the United States. The Learning Experience has been providing childcare services, centered on an educational aspect, for more than 30 years.

An initial financial investment of $493,549 to $3,585,549 is required. Franchisees benefit from comprehensive training, operational support and proven enrichment programs, systems and technology in the classrooms.

Kids R Kids

Kids R Kids offer those with a passion for caring for children the opportunity to provide a much-needed service to their community. The organization has more than 30 years’ franchising experience and uses a proven operating system. Kids R Kids utilizes a quality real estate system, full real estate brokerage services and a comprehensive start-up process with string owner communication and involvement.

Interested parties should contact Kids R Kids to find out more about investment fees and requirements.

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