Fleet Complete Launches Inspection App for Owners and Operators

Inspect by Fleet Complete is an Inspection App for Owners and Operators

If you are a small business with a fleet of vehicles, you might ask yourself if a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) solution is necessary. According to Toronto-based asset management and fleet tracking software company Fleet Complete, the answer is yes.

Fleet Complete recently released a new app called Inspect. The company describes Inspect as a standalone fully integrated vehicle inspection app for fleet operators of any size. Fleet Complete says the app will give businesses a new safety tool for monitoring vehicles so they can comply with the new electronic logging device rule or “EDL mandate” imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

There are many small trucking and delivery companies with varying size fleets. But depending on the size of the vehicles and the distance they travel, they have to abide by the ELD mandate. The ELD rule became law in February 16, 2016 and commercial vehicles falling under the mandate must comply beginning December 18, 2017.

The law was passed by Congress to share records of duty status or “RODS” data and create a safer working environment for drivers. The rule simplifies and speeds up the process of tracking RODS information with greater accuracy. This lets fleet owners and operators manage their drivers so they can abide by the laws governing the time drivers are behind the wheel as well as keep their vehicles out of the repair shop.

Alan Fong, CTO of Fleet Complete, said in a press release announcing the new app, “Our customers want their vehicles on the road and not in the mechanic’s garage; hence, we decided to address this need with a cost-effective solution that is today the Inspect app. As a bonus, we made it even better than the standard DVIRs.”

Inspect by Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete said the app was created after high customer demand for a solution to ensure vehicle safety and health.

Using the app, drivers can comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. They can complete the inspection of their vehicle before and after a long trip by logging any problems and keeping an accurate vehicle maintenance record.

Some of the features include automated DVIR reporting, electronic record keeping, digital signatures, file sharing and regulatory compliance. The fully integrated system allows managers and drivers to view any vehicle or other asset in Fleet Complete Web portal or desktop through the mobile app.

Inspect by Fleet Complete is an Inspection App for Owners and Operators

Benefit of Fleet Management Solution

For small businesses, implementing a fleet management solution delivers a number of incremental changes in the way they operate. And each change improves the way drivers and vehicles perform, with the cumulative effect of improved efficiency, reducing costs and improving the safety of the work environment across the board.

The Inspect by Fleet Complete app is now available, and you can request a demo from the company here.

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