The Once Banned Kinder Eggs are Coming to the US

The Once Banned Kinder Eggs is Coming to the US

Kinder eggs are coming to the U.S. If you’re unfamiliar with this unique product that has lots of fans around the world, you might want to pay attention — it could be a great opportunity for your small business.

The Kinder egg, or Kinder Surprise as it’s known in some circles, is basically a chocolate egg that contains a small plastic toy inside. It sounds innocent enough. But until recently, the product was actually banned in the U.S.

This is because of an obscure law that restricts the sale of any food product that contains a non-food product inside. Ferrero International, the company that owns the Kinder brand, has found a way around this law with a product called the Kinder Joy. This product contains two individually wrapped half eggs. It still includes a plastic toy, but it’s not technically embedded within the chocolate because of how it’s packaged.

Obscure laws aside, Kinder products are incredibly popular around the world. And the previous inability for U.S. consumers to buy them could potentially lead to a lot of buzz for these products in their new market. Walmart will begin selling the Kinder eggs on Black Friday and will have exclusive rights to sell them for 30 days. But after that, smaller retailers can stock their shelves with these products.

Kinder Eggs are Coming to the US – How Can You Benefit?

Adding a small chocolate egg to your product line might seem like a pretty negligible thing. But the buzz around these products could lead to unique promotional opportunities for businesses. The Kinder egg has an interesting story behind it, and a feeling of mystery surrounding it due to the previous ban. So you can share these stories on social media and in other marketing materials to create even more buzz around your new product line. And if you can get more people through the door because of a unique product that you carry, you have a better chance of creating lasting relationships with customers and growing a successful business.



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  1. I am surprised that this is being allowed. I would think that the product safety people would be all over this. What happens if the child chokes on the toy or swallows it?

    I am afraid that a multitude of lawsuits are coming.

    • The product safety people WERE all over this, hence it was banned by an obscure law. The manufacturer has revised the packaging to comply with the law. It is up to the parent to know if their child is mature enough for the product. Kinder Eggs have been sold all over the world.

      I find it interesting that Cracker Jacks and cereals have had toys inside for decades, yet this Kinder Egg product is the only one caught by this law.

      • That’s an interesting point! But yes, it seems like the packaging has been updated so it shouldn’t be much of a safety issue anymore

  2. I really enjoyed these when I was in Germany and they made a great gift when I brought them back to friends and family.

    • They seem to be really popular around the world so it’ll be interesting to see how they’re received here

  3. I remember these Kinder eggs from back when I was a child. But some kids can gobble it up along with the toy.

    • The new eggs are wrapped so that the toy isn’t actually in the chocolate, so hopefully that’s not an issue!

  4. This tastes so good even if you are not a child. The toy is just an extra. The taste of the chocolate is superb.

  5. This must be exciting for the kids. I remember the good old days in Canada with the Kinder Surprise.

  6. Irrespective of their rather lax attitude to child safety it is also depressing that Ferrero don’t see anything wrong in marketing a non biodegradable plastic distribution system which plays on kids fascination with toys.
    This feels like a really irresponsible way to treat our planet in order to contribute to their already humungous turnover!