NCR and Samsung Team Up for Small Business Commerce Station

NCR and Samsung Team Up to Bring Small Businesses the new NCR Silver Quantum All-In-One Point-Of-Sale Commerce Station

The NCR Silver Quantum all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) commerce station has been launched in collaboration with Samsung Electronics America. The new POS platform is an integrated system which brings together the Samsung Galaxy tablet and NCR (NYSE:NCR) Corporation’s payment, management and marketing solution.

NCR describes the Quantum as sleek, easily portable and full of POS and business management features. It accepts all of the traditional and digital payment methods, but it also includes a management system with back-office operations to track all transactions.

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NCR Silver Quantum POS Commerce Station Overview

The Silver Quantum and the NCR Silver line have been designed to address the needs of retail shops, restaurants, and other small- to medium-sized businesses. With a battery life of up to 10 hours and small footprint of less than 13 inches in width, it can be used anywhere for cordless operation.

Chris Poelma, president and general manager of NCR Silver, said of the Quantum in an official company release, “Whether you run a franchise food and beverage business or a Mom and Pop boutique, NCR Silver Quantum is as sleek as it is sophisticated. The commerce station is durable, payment processor agnostic and provides chip and mobile wallet functionality.”

The Quantum is an Android-based solution that uses the Samsung tablet, Knox Configure and an embedded RP457c mobile card reader provided by Ingenico Group. This allows it to accept multiple payment systems, including magstripe, EMV chip and NFC/contactless transactions such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

The tablet is used as the interface for the cashier, and a customer-facing display provides transaction details, such as order, amount, loyalty program information as well as information specific to your place of business. Owners can customize the unit using the Samsung Knox Configure, a cloud-based service and IT administration tool. Additionally, NCR includes inventory management, marketing support and sales functionality with reporting tools.


The NCR Silver Quantum POS commerce station is now available. You can get it as part of the company’s Total by NCR Silver Bundle for $283 per month, or choose to purchase it outright for $1,499.

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