Right Networks Has 3 New Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses and Their Accountants

Right Networks Cloud Includes 3 New Solutions for Small Business and Their Accountants

Right Networks has introduced three new cloud solutions for small businesses and their accountants. The Right Networks Cloud is designed to streamline business operations and accounting by making it easier to use third party web applications in the cloud.

More Efficient in The Cloud

Here’s why that matters to small businesses. Bookkeeping, small business finances and accounting are safer and more efficient in the cloud. What’s more, small businesses can take what they need and leave the rest in the cloud. There’s no need to buy and implement software in this case.

John Farrer, Right Networks CEO explains the all-important flexibility provided by cloud solutions.

“In today’s hyper-competitive market, accounting professionals need the ability to scale up fast as their business grows,” he said. “Our three new cloud offerings give our customers a broad and powerful blend of cloud applications.”

Right Networks Cloud Solutions

Here’s a breakdown of the three new cloud solutions from Right Networks:

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud, as the name implies, offers access to Quickbooks Desktop and other accounting and legacy software from the cloud — meaning you can access them anywhere. You’ll also be able to print documents from the cloud, manage PDF files and store up to 5GB of data.

“Our QuickBooks Desktop Cloud offers secure and reliable access to QuickBooks Desktop and will put your accounting and legacy applications in the cloud with anytime, anywhere availability,” Krug writes in the official blog post listing the solutions.

The Application Cloud offers access to Microsoft Office, this time with 50 GB of storage and a cloud-enabled QuickBooks Desktop option. The company says this solution also gives you unlimited access to a curated set of apps ranging from business analytics to retail applications.

“Pick from a range of applications that will power-up your workflow — like business analytics and reporting apps, financial, or retail applications,” writes Rachel Krug, Right Networks’ director of product marketing on the company blog.

Business Cloud offers a veritable smorgesbord of options including a higher level of integration with Quickbooks Desktop. There’s also the ability to generate expense reports from Expensify, making payments with Bill.com, tracking employee time with TSheets. You also have 10 GB of cloud storage and access to Microsoft Excel.

Prices start at $50 per user per month and run up to $70.  Right Networks specializes in helping accounting experts and small businesses move their critical applications into the cloud.

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