SimpleCitizen Launches Service to Help Small Businesses Compete for Top Global Talent

SimpleCitizen for Small Business Provides End-to-End Business Visa Platform to Simplify International Hiring Process

A new software program is promising to streamline the pathway for small businesses looking to hire international workers. SimpleCitizen for small business is designed to automate every aspect of the business visa application process.

It was developed with input from leading immigration attorneys across the country to cut out the kind of errors that can slow the entire process down as it quickly fills out the application for you.

Important for Small Business

This is important for all small businesses looking to hire from international talent pools. The app enables small businesses to fill their needs much more quickly without missing out on great candidates. Errors in the application process can slow the process down and cause smaller enterprises to miss opportunities. This streamlined process promises to save small businesses money and time while still allowing them to recruit top global talent.

Boon for Business

The product will be a boon for certain small businesses in IT specifically. These small companies will be able to speed the process up to take advantage of the offshore pools of web developers, coders and other IT professionals. It should even help to offset the latest government snag whereby the process for current H-1B visa holders from places like India has become more complicated.


Sam Stoddard, Co-founder and CEO of SimpleCitizen explains what he sees as the app’s advantage in terms of dollars and cents.

“Businesses typically spend an extra $10,000-$15,000 in legal fees for every new international hire,” Stoddartd said in a release about the service. “Our new platform is designed to make that process easier and less cost prohibitive than ever before. SimpleCitizen for small business helps Main Street compete on a level playing field with multi-national corporations for international talent.”

Statistics show how immigration benefits the American economy. The Partnership for a New American Economy reports immigrants made $1.3 trillion in 2014. They paid $105 billion in taxes in the same year.

How SimpleCitizen for Small Business Works

Chad Graham, attorney at Graham Adair, explained more about how SimpleCitizen for small business works in the same release.

“The service that SimpleCitizen is providing is a first in our industry in terms of streamlining the case preparation process.  Many companies have tried and failed to automate the immigration process,” Graham said.

SimpleCitizen supplies an online platform that streamlines immigration and citizenship applications. The Salt Lake City, Utah-based company’s immigration platform offers step-by-step instructions that go through the entire visa process.

Image: SimpleCitizen


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