Small Business Trends Magazine’s Planning Edition Helps You Map Your Company’s Future

Small Business Trends Magazine’s Planning Edition Helps You Map Your Company’s Future

It’s natural this time of year to think about the past and plan for the future.

That’s why we’re releasing the Planning edition of Small Business Trends magazine today. Inside, you’ll see the gamut of advice from small business experts on subjects of vital importance to companies like yours and their future.

For startups, we’ve got advice on the best parts of a winning business plan. You do have a business plan, right? Even if you own an established business but don’t have a plan in writing, now’s the time for one. The tips from expert Steven Scheck have businesses of the less and more established variety covered.

Stuck on writing a solid business plan? Check out the article inside from our reporter Rob Starr. He goes over the 10 steps you need to take to write a solid and effective business plan today.

Of course, there are business owners reading this right now and thinking about the business plan they once wrote but scrapped. Small business expert Melinda Emerson has some great advice on how to fix common mistakes that mar many business plans.

Narrowing focus a bit, our reporter Nash Riggins offers up tips for putting together your company’s marketing plan — a critical step. And Larry Alton goes over a change management plan and why your small business needs one.

And if you ever plan to walk away from your business in the distant future, planning for your own retirement as an entrepreneur is critical. After all, you don’t have an employer looking out for that part of your life!

There’s all this and a lot more planning advice in this edition of Small Business Trends magazine.

Be sure to download your FREE copy today!

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  1. This came just in time because this is exactly what is needed in the closing of the year. This is the time when ideas for new businesses are born.

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