Step Up Your Online Marketing with These 10 Underutilized Strategies

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There are plenty of online marketing strategies out there that most businesses already use or are at least aware of. But there are also some lesser known strategies or lessons that you might not have considered. See some of the top tips about not-so-obvious online marketing strategies from members of the online small business community below.

Don’t Fall for These Common PPC Misconceptions

When it comes to PPC advertising, it’s not always best to adhere to common practices. There are some misconceptions that have led to negatives for a lot of businesses. Pauline Jakober shares some common misconceptions about PPC advertising in this Search Engine Journal post.

Use Color to Increase Website Conversions

To make your website as effective as possible, you need to consider every single detail — and that includes the colors you choose to include in the design. In this SUCCESS Agency blog post, Mary Blackiston explains how you can use color to increase website conversions.

Take Advantage of These New Facebook Groups Features

Facebook is already a great way to connect with your community online. And now, the platform has introduced some improvements that could make your community even stronger. Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat details those features here. And BizSugar members also share thoughts on the post too.

Try These Lesser Known Online Advertising Platforms

You already know about the big name online advertising platforms like Google. But there are plenty of other options out there that small businesses can use to supplement their online advertising strategies. Susan Solovic lists three lesser known options in this post.

Take a Look at the Best SEO Strategy You’re Not Using

Link building is a common SEO practice. But there’s another layer to that strategy that many businesses overlook. For that reason, Neil Patel thinks it’s one of the best SEO strategies you’re not already using. He goes into more detail in a recent post.

Track Blog Growth with Google Analytics

Blogging is a common tactic used to grow a business. But before you can reap the benefits of blogging, you have to actually grow a successful blog. In this Basic Blog Tips post, Susan Velez offers some insights you can use to track your blog growth using Google Analytics.

Change Your Content Marketing Program in 2018

Content marketing is already a popular strategy. But if you’re not adapting to the latest trends and changing up your tactics to better serve potential customers, you could fall behind. Rachel Lindteigen of Marketing Land outlines how you can change up your content marketing program for 2018.

Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

If you’re not already using Instagram for marketing your business, you’re really missing out. In this Blogging Wizard post, Elna Cain discusses the potential benefits of the platform. You can also see commentary from the BizSugar community.

Learn How to Identify and Deal with Detractors

Brand advocates can offer lots of potential marketing value for businesses. But detractors have the opposite effect. So you need to be able to identify those detractors and learn how to minimize their impact. Ivan Widjaya elaborates in a recent SMB CEO post.

Build a Top Notch Content Marketing Team

Content marketing isn’t just a small operation anymore. If you’re still trying to manage your content strategy on your own or with one part time team member, your business could fall behind. Instead, consider the skills listed in this Content Marketing Institute post by Michele Linn when building your content marketing team.

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  2. Thanks for a comprehensive list. Marketing remains the area where I feel weakest, so now I’ve got some ways to work on that.

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    100% agree with your point regarding not falling for common PPC misconceptions.

    Utilising call tracking is a gamechanger for small businesses, especially when data is pushed into AdWords/Analytics via this. Take plumbers for example, call tracking is imperative in order to paint a fuller picture.

  4. Thanks, Annie for your valuable insights. Online marketing budget by companies are increasing. Competitors are taking new strategies to get successful turnover from their online businesses. Your products, contents and almost all online assets should be simple, easy to understand and visible. Social media promotion can give an extra boost to your business growth. Your points are highly appreciable and notable and really good if anyone is starting a new online marketing campaign.