10 Top Livestreaming Tools for Small Businesses

10 Top Livestreaming Tools for Small Businesses

Eighty percent of online audiences would sooner watch live video from your brand than read your blog, according to statics collected by live video platform Livestream. What’s more, the data suggests 81 percent would rather see live video from your company than social media posts. Livestreaming video content is a powerful new tool in the digital marketing toolbox that no small business can afford to ignore.

Top Livestreaming Tools

Given the prodigious rise in demand for livestreamed content, here’s a list of 10 top livestreaming tools to help small businesses get the most out of their live broadcasting efforts.

Google Hangouts on Air

Google Hangouts on Air is a free livestreaming tool for businesses with Google Plus profiles. Through a Google Plus or YouTube channel, up to 10 users can broadcast simultaneously. When a business is streaming live, anyone with access to the web address can view the live video content.

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager

IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is a cloud-based platform designed for the external delivery of on-demand and live video content to potentially large audiences.

The IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager is a particularly effective solution for businesses looking to market their products, such as during product launch events. However, while there is a free trial, the platform is also more expensive than others, some of which are free. The professional version starts at $99 per month.

Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live provides professional live streaming for business events and to announce other news a business may want to share live. Vimeo Live offers full HD broadcasts of events in up to 1080p. What’s more, viewers aren’t potentially put off by being interrupted by adverts before, after or during a business’s live stream.

Vimeo’s cloud transcoding means businesses can have peace of mind viewers will be watching the highest of quality videos across all devices. But again there’s a cost — starting at $75 per month — for the service.

Facebook Live

Businesses can use their Facebook channel to share live content with their followers and others who are interested in their brand for free. Attendees of the live broadcast can join the event from their mobile device so there’s no excuse for missing a brand’s livestreaming events.

With the Facebook Live tool, businesses can even select their audience and receive feedback live from viewers in the comment section. They can also measure how many viewers the livestreaming session attracted.


Busker is a platform that allows businesses and other users to broadcast live content and engage with viewers — with a twist. This interactive livestreaming tool encourages the audience to join in and comment during the live streaming event, thus helping small businesses engage with viewers and build rapport with customers.

But also unique is that Busker lets your audience financially support and even buy products  through Busker. The app can be broadcast over both iOS and Android devices.

Instagram Live Video

Instagram is becoming an increasingly important social media platform for businesses. The popular social media channel offers an Instagram Live Video feature which businesses can use to share live content with their followers in real-time.

The Live Video interface shows the number of viewers viewing the video and any comments that have been made. For accounts that are public, anyone can view a business’s live video content on Instagram.

Periscope Producer

In 2016, Twitter unveiled Periscope Producer, designed to allow businesses and live video creators to share high-quality video, produced live, on Twitter and Periscope.

Periscope Producer enables the creators of live videos to stream top-quality broadcasts from external sources, including streaming software and professional cameras, available on the latest Periscope Android, iOS and web.

YouTube Live

YouTube has long been a must-use forum for small businesses striving to maximize their online presence and showcase their products and services to a global audience. But YouTube now also offers a live feature which users can access by clicking ‘live events’.

Businesses simply need to verify their account, set up their webcam and engage with their target audience in real-time. For businesses wanting to go the extra mile with YouTube Live, professional controls are available to use with the broadcast, which enable businesses to monetize their videos with advertisements.


Livestream is a service designed for businesses that are determined to optimize the quality and appeal of their live video content. Livestream provides three packages for business — all pay though there is a free trial.

The Basic package is designed to help beginners in video broadcasting, the Premium packages are for small business use and the Enterprise package is for larger organizations with specific and advanced live streaming requirements. The lowest priced package starts at $75 per month.


It is Bambuser’s mission to provide the easiest and most superior solutions for real-time mobile video sharing. By using a system of hashtags and apps, Bambuser provides a livestreaming tool that helps businesses bring their live broadcasts to the masses, thus generating maximum exposure.

There is a free version of Bambuser, which has limited editing functions. There are also paid options with more advanced features and tools, which start at $45 a month.

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