Shopify Integrates UPS Services into Its Ecommerce Platform

UPS for Shopify Now Available

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Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) has partnered with UPS (NYSE:UPS) to offer fast and affordable shipping for merchants. With UPS and Shopify Shipping, merchants that use Shopify can take advantage of guaranteed delivery dates. Businesses can also enjoy competitive rates of up to 52 percent off list rates.

Small businesses struggling with shipping costs will benefit from discounted shipping rates, which are usually exclusive to bigger retailers with greater shipping volume. This will mean smaller retailers are able to compete with larger merchants, such as Amazon, in time for the holiday season.

UPS for Shopify

In a blog about the Shopify and UPS partnership, Louis Kearns, Head of Shipping Services at Shopify, spoke of the benefits the integration of UPS for Shopify Shipping will offer small retailers.

“Your customers expect fast, affordable shipping with guaranteed delivery dates. Now with UPS as an option in Shopify Shipping, U.S.-based Shopify merchants can offer a best-in-class delivery experience, just like enterprise retailers,” said Kearns.

As well as offering Shopify sellers discounted rates on shipping, the UPS/Shopify partnership will see Shopify cover any peak surcharges on UPS Ground shipments during the holidays. This will also be a welcomed perk for small businesses that struggle to pay peak surcharges during busy holiday periods.

Speed of shipping is a challenge for many small businesses. These businesses tend to opt for slower deliveries in order to save money. Though slow deliveries don’t equate to happy, satisfied customers.

On the contrary, customers expect fast shipping and delivery and now even small retailers can guarantee speedy and efficient delivery. As with UPS, retailers can guarantee delivery for next day, two days, or even three-day domestic shipping, depending on the different UPS service options.

For U.S. merchants, the fast and discounted UPS Shipping is provided as part of all Shopify plans.

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  1. This is another reason to choose Shopify over other ecommerce platforms.

  2. We have shopify and UPS does not work, when we select it, we just get error codes and wonder how many others are going through the issue???, been weeks and we have called ,used chat line, no one can help, what good is the integration if you cant use it, shopify has no idea what is going and keeps telling us we will notify you, been a month, really bad service.
    Shopify failed big time at this