Vimeo Now Supports HDR for Your Business Video Needs

Vimeo Added HDR Video Support

The launch of HDR (high dynamic range) support by Vimeo now lets you to capture the vivid images this technology supports. Now video of products on your ecommerce site, for example, can capture the widest possible range of colors.

Vimeo Added HDR Video Support

The videos can be shot in HDR or mastered to HDR in post. Once the content is created, you can upload it directly from the upload page or use the Vimeo panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Dropbox.

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The Vimeo HDR platform has four features. It starts with support for 10-bit video, which makes it possible to go from 16 million to 1 billion colors. This is followed by support for wider color gamuts to represent 75 percent of the color the human eye can see, instead of the 35 percent color range of regular video.

Vimeo Added HDR Video Support

The resolution has been amped up to 8K, so your viewers can see the highest HD content. Vimeo lets you sell, distribute or submit to festivals the content you shoot with 8K. Last but definitely not least, Vimeo uses the most efficient codecs to optimize your data when it is being transmitted. This means your viewers get the best possible quality images.

Why Use HDR?

For small businesses in the creative field as well as all others making their own video, HDR allows images that are more vivid. This includes immersive colors, better contrast, brighter highlights, and shadows with more depth.

Delivering your content in HDR is one way of differentiating yourself from the competition. And as more smartphones and tablets include HDR capability, they will be able to access it from anywhere.

The one drawback is, more hardware and software with HDR support needs to be available. Until then, HDR content can be viewed as standard dynamic range video on non-HDR devices.

If you don’t have HDR supported hardware, Sara Poorsattar, director of video product at Vimeo, explains on the company blog, “We will always create a separate SDR-optimized version of your videos, too. We know that an HDR file doesn’t look great on an SDR screen, and we don’t want your picture to suffer as a result.”

YouTube and Vimeo HDR

YouTube announced the availability of HDR in November of 2016. In addition to viewing HDR videos, users can also stream HDR videos using Chromecast Ultra to an HDR TV.

Vimeo allows its members to upload HDR footage so viewers can watch it on displays enabled with the technology. According to Vimeo, it is the only video-hosting platform available in HDR currently on the iPhone X, iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K.

Should Your Videos be in HDR?

If you want to wow your viewers, the answer is a definite yes. However, as mentioned previously, it is not readily available to everyone. If your small business is in the creative field or one where images are extremely important, it is a worthwhile investment.

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  1. It is about time. HDR is exactly what people need nowadays that devices are becoming more and more advance.

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