Zoho Social For Agencies Streamlines Management of Outsourced Social Media Marketing

zoho social for agencies

Zoho Social for Agencies allows smaller advertising agencies the ability to manage several client accounts from one platform. These agencies can collaborate with clients and make reports using customized aggregated statistics.

The new service from Zoho provides a way for small businesses to be more hands on in their marketing too. Not every small business has the resources to handle social media marketing. So they often outsource the work  instead. But the new platform allows small businesses to maintain more say in important aspects like publishing and scheduling posts and engaging with customers.

Zoho Social for Agencies Eliminates Emails

One advantage becomes immediately clear. Social for Agencies eliminates sending emails back and forth between the agency and the small business. Praval Singh, Product Manager for the parent product, Zoho Social spoke with Small Business Trends about who benefits most from the new product.

“Zoho Social is geared towards digital agencies that offer social media marketing as a service to their clients, with the help of a team of social media and content marketers. Most agencies are small companies, but they do manage social media for large clients,” he said.

Using Zoho Social for Agencies to Publish and Schedule Posts

“Since Zoho Social for Agencies helps with publishing and scheduling posts, listening to mentions and keywords, engaging with prospects and customers in real-time, and creating custom reports to measure performance, it is a complete social media management tool for digital agencies,” Singh explains.

The Zoho Social for Agencies edition has a number of features.

First, the tool allows agencies to manage their brands and clients from one place while also specifying distinct rolls for different team members. The built-in cooperation feature means small businesses are always kept in the loop.

New Discussions

Team members can start new discussions and collaborate with clients or among themselves. A tagging feature facilitates the process allowing you to invite clients or team members to specific discussions. Not only does this improve the overall decision-making process,  according to Zoho. It preserves a record of the process as well.

The tool can also be customized for branding with logos on reports and invitation to clients is included.

Integrating Zoho Social for Agencies with Facebook Lead Ads

Zoho Social for Agencies can also integrate with Facebook lead ads. Agencies can generate leads from these Facebook campaigns and slide them right into the Zoho CRM system for their clients with no need to download leads manually from Facebook. Zoho argues this  feature becomes a time and cost saving measure promoting quicker decision-making.

Zoho Social for Agencies has two different plans, an Agency and Agency Plus version based on the number of brands each can accomodate. The Agency version costs $1000 a year for 15 brands and the Agency Plus costs $1500 a year for 25 brands.

Zoho Corporation is a business management software (SaaS) developer and information technology company with 5,000 employees and offices in California and India.

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  1. Social media marketing is essential for any online business and emails can be slow. Having a platform where you can discuss your tasks will definitely cut the time.

  2. This can really help especially if it will help you separate your social promotion projects. Then you can communicate with your team on separate projects.