Antamedia Says It Has a WiFi Hotspot Solution for Your Business

Antamedia Hotspot is a WiFi Solution for Your Guests

Antamedia HotSpot Software lets you manage wireless internet access at your place of business. Instead of just providing a WiFi service without any control, you can now use the data to engage and interact with your customers.

Antamedia Hotspot

The HotSpot software has a server-side application which lets you collect data when your customers use the WiFi service. On the client-side, they don’t need to install any software, all they need is their internet enabled device.

If you are running a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, medical office, or any business with a public setting, you can use the HotSpot software to maximize the return on your investment. According to Antamedia, you can implement solutions to collect data, including email addresses and redirect users to login pages such as social media accounts.

Better Control

Whether you have a single branch or multiple outlets, Antamedia gives you a customizable solution. You can create personalized login pages for different locations, set maximum bandwidth quotas, offer higher-speed internet access for an additional fee, or even save bandwidth for VIP customers.

Getting started doesn’t require propriety hardware. As long as you have your own access points, routers and network equipment you can use the Antamedia software as a gateway for the hardware. All it takes is routing all of the devices through the hotspot server running the company’s software.


You can try Antamedia HotSpot Software for free with a trial, without credit card or email requirements. If you are ready to buy, there are four tiers starting at $99 for the Lite edition, $174 for Standard, $249 for the Premium, and $399 for Enterprise.

Why Offer WiFi?

You will be hard-pressed to find any of the customers coming into your establishment without a smartphone; some might even have tablets or laptops. And one thing they have in common is they want to stay connected. If you offer WiFi, it is one way of getting foots in the door. In most cases, the longer they stay, the better the chances of them making purchases. In fact, the boost to sales can be as much as 50 percent.

Offering WiFi has many upsides for small businesses. With the Antamedia software, you can provide wireless services with more control, added features for optimizing the user experience, and directly marketing to them.

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  1. Hotspots are very important because it helps you access the Internet with different gadgets. So anything that can manage that will help you run your business better.