AT&T Debuts 5G Wireless Internet with a Small Business in Texas

AT&T 5G Trial in Texas Debuting Centered on a Small Business

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A small business is giving us the first look at what 5G wireless internet can do for a company like yours.

OK, Magnolia, in Waco, Texas, used to be a small business, but AT&T (NYSE: T) picked it to debut 5G technology with the first fixed wireless trial this week. The tech made its debut at Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco.

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AT&T 5G Trial in Texas

The 5G technology is going to be available to employees and visitors at the Silos as a trial service. Using their mobile devices to login onto the WiFi, they will be able to access 5G speeds.

Just like the previous generation of wireless technology, 5G is going to make it possible for small businesses to deliver better services to their customers.

With mobile-optimized websites, video communications, and apps, it is going to be that much easier to deliver real-time services using the super-fast speeds of 5G. With around 5,000 people visiting Silos every day, AT&T will have a controlled environment with a high number of users to see how 5G performs.

Magnolia was established in 2003 as a small business in Waco, Texas, by Chip and Joanna Gaines. It has now grown into a home and lifestyle brand with branches across different industries.

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The application of new technologies is one of the drivers responsible for the growth it has experienced in this highly competitive segment. David Washburn, information technology manager, Magnolia, said in the press release, “We’re always looking for opportunities to implement innovative solutions. We’re excited to see how this technology enhances efficiencies for vendor partners and employees alike.” 

What is 5G?

The 5G technology is the next evolution in wireless communication, which improves greatly on 4G LTE. Compared to the maximum speeds of 30-40 Mbps of real-world LTE wireless broadband, 5G is supposed to deliver anywhere between 400Mbps to 1Gbps. The location, infrastructure, and other conditions will determine the speed, but even the lowest 5G speed will be dramatically faster than 4G LTE.

For many small businesses relying on wireless communication, real-time services, and remote collaboration to name a few of the applications, it will mean new levels of efficiency.

Until it is fully deployed, real-world trials give operators valuable data in future deployments of 5G. In the press release, Marachel Knight, senior vice president, Technology Planning and Engineering, AT&T, said, “Taking our 5G tests out of the lab and into real, high-traffic environments like the Silos will bring a fantastic customer experience while helping us learn even more about building a 5G network of the future for both consumers and businesses.”

The trial is ongoing, so AT&T hasn’t revealed any data on the performance of its 5G network at the Silos.

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  1. I am excited about this 5G technology. I want to see its difference with the recent 4G.

  2. AT&T announces plans to start rolling out a true 5G network by the end of 2018