New App Will Bring Simple Animation to Your Social Media Marketing

New dodles App Set to Bring GIF and Animation Power to Your Social Media Messages

A new mobile app,, is set to launch early next year simplifying digital animation and illustration for everyone, regardless of their technical and artistic skills. Mobile App Launching in 2018

Built on a social platform by a team in Combined Locks, Wisconsin, not only expedites and simplifies animation and drawing on a mobile device, but also provides the opportunity to collaborate and share your content with friends, family and followers on social media — something that could prove useful for spreading brand messages on social media.

“ removes the barriers that have kept creators from connecting directly with their audience and fans,” founder and CEO, Craig Doriot, said in a statement. “Artists, animators, and authors are generally funneled through the corporate layers of publishers, media, advertising studios and other firms before they can benefit financially from their creativity. presents a new world of opportunity where creators can take their craft directly to their public and build a fan base that is willing to pay directly for new uses of their work.”

With a drag and drop “social animation app,” small businesses can create custom animated stories and illustrated ads in just seconds to enhance their communications and visual storytelling. The app also provides a new open marketplace where users can license and sell their digital content to users within the app. Social Animation App Features

But if you can’t wait, is available in closed beta release to animators, illustrators and other content creators for the next 90 days. If you wish to participate in the closed beta release, register at the, or wait for the open beta release of the app scheduled for February 2018.

Some listed features of the app you may like include:

  • The ability to create using digital brushes and shapes
  • The ability to move and rotate objects by dragging your finger with simple 1-click animation
  • The ability to use Grouping, Layers, Color Palette, Transparency
  • The ability to store projects in your gallery and export them as animated GIFs
  • The ability to share files on other social media sites
  • The ability to access via iOS and Android mobile devices

“The world is ready for a new way to connect using personalized animation and has developed a fun yet simple way for people with every level of artistic ability to participate,” co-founder Joie Pirkey added.

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  1. Interesting. But I am wondering how seamless the animation is. I wonder if it can also be converted into a video.

    • It is substantially better than the animation you find in other apps. We will wrap in a lot of the Spine2D animation toolkit, which is quite powerful, but not yet implemented in dodles. So at this point, its more primitive than desktop animation platforms, but we will be folding in that level soon, with simpler wrappers and less noise with the options.

      The first pass we have focused on optimizing the GIF export. We had video export working but wanted to launch GIF first. The third iteration is interactive/gamification, so we have plans beyond video.

  2. Does this allow you to have your own emoticon? I remember an app that allows you to create an avatar. Is this different?

    • It sounds like you are describing Bitmoji perhaps? That is a vey cookie-cutter utility with limited function. This is open-ended to design most anything that is 2D, but also to customize your own animations from scratch. Much more powerful & flexible, but not as streamlined as the simple customization of pre-canned GIFs.

      However, as the platform build and users begin to offer their own content to others to purchase, users will then be able to customize those characters and objects in a cookie-cutter fashion.