Google’s New Datally App Tells Business Owners How to Save on Data Usage

How Much Mobile Data is Your Favorite App Using? Google Datally Knows

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) just built an app called Datally so you can better manage and track the data on your mobile device.

Datally is designed to address three important facets of mobile data usage. It lets you understand, control and save on the data you use as part of your plan. Google is making the app available globally after testing it for the past few months in the Philippines. The company said users saved up to 30 percent on their data.

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If you are running a small business on a tight budget, trying to figure out what’s sapping your mobile data can be a difficult proposition. The control measures Google has introduced in Datally can be used to see how you and your employees are doing with your mobile devices when it comes to data usage. Depending on the type of plan you have, the Google app can cut the cost of your mobile data bill every month.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice President of the Next Billion Users Team at Google, addressed the issue of mobile data cost and usage on the company blog recently. He said, “Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world. And what’s worse, it’s hard to figure out where it all goes. That means you’re never just chatting, playing games or watching videos on your phone — you’re also anxiously keeping an eye on how long your data will last.”

What Does Google Datally Do for You?

You can now better understand your data because Datally lets you see how much of it you use on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can also give you personalized recommendations to save more.

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Once you understand how you are consuming the data, Datally gives you more control. When you are using your apps, you can block background data usage and track real-time data usage. And if there is an app using too much data, all it takes is a single tap to block it.

The next step is to help you save your data. Datally makes this possible by letting you know if you are close to a public WiFi and connecting you. The app has a rating system for public WiFi spots, which is maintained with user participation.

How Much Mobile Data is Your Favorite App Using? Google Datally Knows

Next Billion Users

Datally is part of Google’s Next Billion Users initiative to help countries with limited infrastructure and mobile hardware take advantage of the benefits digital technology offers. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to keep track of your mobile data usage.

You can install Google Datally on your device from the Google Play Store for phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher.

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  1. Knowledge is power and this opens up visibility into an area that most people are clueless about. Great idea & app if you ask me.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I agree, the more you know, the better decisions you can make.

  3. Is this better than the built in data monitor inside my Samsung Android phone? Might be good if you want to see how much data you have consumed.