Use One of These 10 Tools to Prevent Hacked Information and Stolen Data In Your Business

10 Identity Theft Protection Services Any Small Business Owner Should Consider for Themselves

Small businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals. With attackers becoming more effective, cybercrime is one of the most rapidly growing risks to small businesses. Hacked information and stolen data can cripple a small business, resulting in lost time, dented credibility and a significant outlay of money required to rectify the damage. It is therefore vital that small businesses take a proactive approach to cybercrime by using identity theft protection services.

Identity Theft Protection Services for Small Business Owners

To help keep your small business protected against the likes of fraudulent business filings, customer and employee identity theft and compromised banking details, companies would be wise to utilize any of the following 10 identity theft protection services. While many of the security services offer similar protections, Small Business Trends has identified some unique features you should be aware of prior to making your choice.

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ESET offers customized security solutions, meaning businesses can build the ideal security tool for their individual requirements. From remote management to endpoint security, file and email security to encryption and virtualization security, ESET allows businesses to select their product type, based on the size of their business and industry.

iDefend Business

iDefend Business is designed to protect your business’s reputation, credit, privacy and money through what it claims to be the industry’s first and only business identity theft protection program. iDefend Business proactively monitors for the exposure and fraudulent use of a business’s information.

The identity theft protection program provides instant alerts for suspicious activity, as well as 24/7 online access to reports and tracking of a business’s information, including Experian alerts and reports.


For small businesses on a tight budget, Comodo offers affordable cyber security solutions. Comodo One is a free IT management platform which provides Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). Small businesses are also kept secure online with Comodo’s free antivirus, internet security, firewall protection, free and paid SSL certificates, mobile device management and other services.

Lookout Mobile Security

If your business relies heavily on mobile devices, Lookout Mobile Security might be the right security protection service for you. This powerful identity theft protection software shields businesses against threats on mobile devices, such as data leakages and malware.

Lookout Mobile Security ensures mobile devices don’t become a forgotten endpoint in a small business’s GDPR preparations.


A website is a business’s window to the world. It’s vital your website remains free from malicious attacks, so it continues running as it should. A denial of service (DoS) attack can bring a website to its knees and prove incredibly problematic for small businesses.

Cloudflare has a free version but also pay Pro, Business and Enterprise options. CloudFlare automatically detects attacks on websites and evaluates visitors based on their IP addresses and reputations. By using CloudFlare, small businesses can block illegitimate IP addresses, set up firewalls and allow SSL security certificates for data encryption.


Unlike larger businesses and enterprises, small businesses don’t typically have large budgets to devote to security. Symantec recognizes these challenges and offers small businesses protection suites to cater for small budgets.

These comprehensive security suites include email scanning and filtering, automated backups and fast disaster recovery. There’s also antivirus and antispyware protection, firewall and privacy protection and other important security features for comprehensive protection.

Passwords remain the first line of defense in protecting data and small business assets. Strong password practices are vital in preventing hackers from successfully stealing data. By automatically creating strong, case-sensitive, alphanumeric passwords, could be an invaluable and cost-effective security feature for your small business.

HTTPS Everywhere

Ensure your business’s web browsing is more secure by taking advantage of HTTPS Everywhere. This browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Android Web browsers encrypts communications while you and your employees surf the internet. This ensues Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) communication is used to protect data when you log into accounts, complete transactions and make purchases online.


Cisco provides a range of security solutions for small businesses. Its ASA 5500-X Series with FirePOWER services offers an on-premises, next generation firewall that is designed specifically for small and mid-sized offices. These powerful FirePOWER services include an integrated threat defense, providing a low cost and simple security management tool for small businesses.

Trend Micro

For small businesses looking for a quick and easy solution to protect their valuable data and information without complications, Trend Micro offers what the company says is worry-free business security. This all-in-one cloud solution provides web security, endpoint and email protection in one convenient product.

For a low monthly cost, small businesses can protect their employees, customers and themselves anytime, anywhere and on any device with Trend Micro.

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