Spotlight: Major-Morris Law Helps Businesses Protect Intellectual Property

Spotlight: Intellectual Property Law Firm Major-Morris Law Helps Businesses Protect Ideas, Trademarks, and More


Businesses that have intellectual property need to prioritize protecting those items. Having an attorney that specializes in trademark and copyright issues can be a major benefit. Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. is the lawyer behind Major-Morris Law, LLC, a law firm that works with businesses on those issues. Read more about Major-Morris and her business in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides legal services to intellectual property owners.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Sell Your Business

Win $100 for Vendor Insights

Major-Morris says, “I sell intellectual property legal services and help brand owners protect and enforce their copyright, trademark, and trade secret rights.”

Business Niche

Genuinely caring about clients.

Major-Morris says, “I offer flat fee retainers and don’t watch the clock when I’m connecting with clients during consultations. I make sure to fully connect and understand the clients’ needs.”

Spotlight: Intellectual Property Law Firm Major-Morris Law Helps Businesses Protect Ideas, Trademarks, and More

How the Business Got Started

After starting her own creative projects.

Major-Morris explains, “I was a hip-hop artist while in college and later owned a video production company. I knew the value of creative rights through my experiences and chose practice areas I was passionate about.”

Biggest Win:

Representing a high-profile foundation.

Major-Morris says, “I represented The Trayvon Martin Foundation’s intellectual property interests from its inception and for several years thereafter. It came about when Atty. Natalie Jackson recalled that I was a video editor and invited me to bring my video equipment to her office to listen to the infamous 911 tapes. In doing so, I was introduced to Trayvon’s parents and guided the decision to start the Foundation, register trademarks for the Foundation, register the ‘hoodie image’ and negotiation countless licenses on behalf of the Foundation. The experience was invaluable.”

Biggest Risk

Niching down.

Major-Morris says, “The biggest risk my business ever took was narrowing the practice areas from general practice to intellectual property, entertainment, and business. I could have had so little business that I had to close my doors, but a more focused practice led to more business.”

Spotlight: Intellectual Property Law Firm Major-Morris Law Helps Businesses Protect Ideas, Trademarks, and More

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Various growth areas.

Major-Morris explains, “I would use an extra $100k for the purchase of office space, marketing, business travel, and support staff.”

Major Milestone

Filing her own trademarks.

Major-Morris says, “I’m always excited about the ideas clients bring to me and I recently filed my own trademark applications that focus on brand recognition through my first name. I couldn’t believe how empowering it was to have my own filing! The irony is that I hated my first name as a child, mainly because it was always mispronounced. I never thought the day would come when I liked it, let alone advertised or encouraged others to use it for business purposes! Life is a funny thing.”

Personal Motto

If you are choreographing your landing, it’s not a leap of faith.

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Images: Major-Morris Law LLC, Kimra Major-Morris

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