PayPal Here and Invoice2go Simplify How Businesses Take Credit Card Payments

Invoice2go and PayPal Here Partner on Invoice Option for Smallest Small Business On the Go

The PayPal Here mobile point of sale (mPOS) system from Invoice2go is going to simplify how you get paid no matter where you are. By partnering with PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL), Invoice2go brings into its ecosystem a globally recognized and trusted payment platform.

Combined Power of Invoice2go and PayPal Here

With PayPal Here and Invoice2go, you can accept credit card payments without leaving your app. And best of all, you won’t be charged monthly or cancellation fees, and there are no processing minimums. The usual card swipe fees apply, which can start at 2.7 percent in the US.

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) systems have become an essential tool when small businesses invoice their customers. Whether it is an electrician, a freelancer or anyone else going from job to job throughout the day, getting paid on the spot removes another friction point. It is paperless, the invoice can be integrated with accounting systems, and the records can be accessed easily from anywhere.

Michael Ramsey, Chief Product Officer for Invoice2go, said in a press release announcing the new option that the solution was developed because of the increasing number of in-person and contactless payments taking place. He added, “Consumers already expect to be able to pay in-person, no matter who they are dealing with. We want to empower our customers, the majority of whom are one-man-bands, to be able to have the same opportunities, and look just as professional, as the biggest players.”

Using PayPal Here

To get started, you need a PayPal Here card reader. The first magnetic card reader is free in the US. If you need a chip reader, Invoice2go is offering a discount code which will let you get the device for $49.

Once you get the reader, all you do is connect it to your Invoice2go app. The company recommends getting the latest version of the app before you get started.

When you connect to the app, you can start taking payments with the card or chip reader, as well as entering the card information manually. And just like that, you will get paid for your services.


Accepting payments shouldn’t be a pain point for small businesses. If you integrate the available technology in today’s marketplace, you will make it much easier for your customers and yourself when it comes to getting paid. The new collaboration between Invoice2go and PayPal is one great option from two trusted and global operators.


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  1. This will make it easier to receive credit card payments which is a must for business nowadays.