Are You Using the Most Popular Workplace Apps of 2017 in Your Business?

These Were the Most Popular Business Apps in 2017

Zapier just released its annual report identifying the most popular and fastest growing apps in the workplace. The Best of 2017: 30 Web Apps and Software Trends That Ruled the Workplace includes a few new apps, but you will easily recognize many of them.

List of Most Popular Business Apps in 2017

Zapier listed the most popular business apps in 2017 using three categories: fastest-growing, new apps and all-stars. This includes tried and true apps such as spreadsheet, email and communications, as well as collaboration, social media and web creation tools for today’s digital workforce.

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If you have a small business, keeping track of what technologies are available in the market place allows you to future proof your company. By identifying applications relevant to your industry and making them part of your operations, your business can be more efficient and keep competition at bay.

Zapier analyzed more than 900 apps in over 50 categories and the companies that use them to come up with the 30 apps for 2017. The list is also an indicator as to what will be trending in 2018, just as the 2016 report predicted top apps for 2017.

This year, the increased number of apps moving to the web have taken up more space on the list. It is being driven by remote work, collaboration and better access. According to Matthew Guay, senior editor and writer at Zapier, who authored the report, “Every business today relies on software to operate smoothly. Increasingly, these tools have moved to the web, allowing everyone to work from anywhere.”

Leading Trends with The Most Popular Business Apps in 2017

According to the report, the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI), new designs and automation have been responsible for creating easier and better user experience in apps. This has resulted in apps that are improving functions to convert leads into sales, send email and nurture customer relationships.

When it comes to data, the apps are also better at gathering, streamlining and making sense of the information. The fastest growing social media apps were the ones designed to gather data directly from ads and convert it to leads.

Collaborative and email apps were also in the list as both tools have become invaluable to meet the needs of today’s workforce and the way they communicate and work.

Here are the top apps in their respective categories.

Fastest Growing Apps

These Were the Most Popular Business Apps in 2017 - Fastest Growing Apps in 2017

Top New Apps

These Were the Most Popular Business Apps in 2017 - Top New Apps in 2017

All-Star Apps

These Were the Most Popular Business Apps in 2017 - Top Apps in 2017

Zapier has an automation tool integrated with more than 900 apps. The solution the company provides allows more than two million registered users across many industries to automate their workflow. Some of the apps include Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, Google Docs and many others.

Images: Zapier

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  1. Times are really changing and it calls for a new set of apps as well. Facebook continues to grow and adapt to the times.