(POLL) Does Your Business Provide Mobile Phones for Employees?

Smartphones and mobile connections have literally changed the game for small businesses, no doubt.

They’re the ultimate weapon these days in business. They keep you and your employees connected just about anywhere you are. They perform so many functions yet it seems the last thing you need them for these days is a phone call.

And despite the costs that may come with them, they’re almost invaluable to many small businesses. But are they so valuable to your company that you’re willing to pay to outfit employees with a mobile phone for work purposes?

This week, we’re wondering if your company provides mobile phones to its employees or do you rely on your employees using their own smartphones at work?

Maybe you just give phones to your sales team or your tech crew on the road. Or perhaps your company hands out a mobile phone to everyone in the building.

Let us know by answering the poll question below and use the Comments section underneath the article to tell us a little more about your company’s cell phone policy.

Does Your Business Provide Mobile Phones for Employees?

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Joshua Sophy

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  1. Aira Bongco

    It depends. If it is needed for your transactions, then a mobile phone is a necessary investment.

  2. If you need to constantly communicate with your clients even with the use of mobile phones, then this is good. It will also allow you to contact your employee no matter where they are.

  3. I agree. It depends on how you are going to use it. If not, you can just ask your employee to log online so that you can contact them.

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