7 Reasons It May Be Time to Rebrand Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

7 Reasons to Change Your Company Brand (INFOGRAPHIC)

Rebranding is an essential part of the overall strategy of a business. As the tastes of your customers and society as a whole change, you have to adapt and evolve if you want to stay relevant.

A new infographic from the Visme blog points out seven instances when it is time to rebrand. Even if these seven examples don’t apply to your particular business, take a look at your logo, fonts, color schemes and other design features to make sure you are keeping up with your particular industry.

Don’t think logo and branding are as important for small businesses as for large enterprises? Consider this. Visme observes, “90 percent of all information transmitted to our brains is visual.  People remember 80 percent of what they see but only 20 percent of what they read.”

Reasons to Change Your Company Brand

Here are the seven reasons for rebranding your business.
1. If your business merges with another one, this is one of the best times to rebrand the new company. Your new rebranding should showcase the best aspects of both companies setting the stage for the future.
2. When you acquire a business, the process mat be the same as in the case of a merger. However, in this instance, the company doing the acquisition has the power to keep the existing brand or create a new one by combining both companies.
3. When  you hire a new company boss or even a new marketing head, this can result in new branding strategies.
4. If for whatever reason your brand is associated with something that is negatively impacting sales or other parts of business operations, it is time to rebrand.
5. When you believe your logo may only be attracting a certain kind of audience or demographic, it might be time to rebrand. By choosing the right color, font and design, you can be more inclusive and attract more people.
6. If you have outgrown the mission of your company when you first started, it is time to let your customers know how you have grown. Let them know your services, products, customer engagement, availability and more has improved.
7. If your logo was designed a long time ago, take a look at it with fresh eyes by hiring new designers to see what they can come up with. Consider how Starbucks, Apple and BMW have continued to evolve. As a small business, you should do the same to stay relevant.

So if you are creating a logo for the first time or rebranding your business, make it one people find pleasing. It will be easier to remember. And if they remember the logo, they will remember your business.

Here is the full infographic.

7 Reasons to Change Your Company Brand (INFOGRAPHIC)

Images: Visme

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