10 Ways Workplace by Facebook Can Help Your Small Business

10 Reasons to Use Workplace by Facebook at Your Small Business

Workplace by Facebook has been designed as competition for Slack. It’s the latest mobile and team app that keeps the members of your team connected.

Reasons to Use Workplace by Facebook

Small Business Trends spoke with Monica Adractas, Director, Workplace by Facebook. She supplied 10 reasons to use Workplace by Facebook at your small business.

You Can Work Online With Other Companies

Multi-company groups (MCGs) allows you to work with other companies outside of yours like agencies, suppliers and even peers in your industry. Workplace by Facebook establishes a broad swath when it comes to a small business online network .

It Keeps Things Simple

Workplace by Facebook can take the place of several different communication tools. It’s the perfect tool to replace newsletters, the intranet and even internal emailing lists. Keeping things simple means building efficiency for small business.

You Save Time for Training

Because many of the features in this app like News Feed, Groups and Messages are already familiar, there’s not a big technology training curve involved.

“People in small businesses are busy enough – they don’t want to spend time learning how to use work technology,” says Adractas. “That means less time and money spent on training and the ability to get running immediately.”

You Can Share Files on the Go

The chat that comes with Workplace is offered in both mobile and desktop. You can use it to connect in real time and even share files. This feature makes it easy to make big decisions for small business on the fly or for administrators to share with field staff.

It Creates An Inclusive Work Culture

Everyone has a voice and everybody gets to input with Workplace by Facebook.

“By offering real-time, two-way communication features, Workplace makes it easier for people to share ideas and make an impact at work,” Adractas says.

It’s Separate and Secure

Making sure your data is kept secure and safe is a number one priority for small business. The app is ISO 27001 compliant and a SOC3 reports are available.

It Works With The Tools You’ve Got

You can share and organize your existing files. This kind of seamless integration allows your team to keep working from multiple locations.

You Can Focus On Growth

Workplace by Facebook helps your small business to focus all team efforts in one location. It keeps the email flow in one place and reduces the time spent on meetings and conference calls.

“It reduces costs and time wasted so that time can be spent actually getting work done,” Adractas says. “It gives small business owners more time to focus on growing their organizations.”

It Automates Tasks

The bots in this app help to make your small business more cost effective and efficient. Adractas says this automation works to foster business culture and increase productivity.

“We see customers using bots for everything from connecting stores to support, to alerting new customer leads, to celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays,” she says.

It Helps You Watch Over Your Business

There are a variety of administrative and reporting controls that help small business owners watch over their small enterprise from one convenient location. The Live Video feature works to bring everyone together from different locations.

Workplace by Facebook has a standard version that’s free and the premium version comes with a 90 day free trial.

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