The Secrets to Amazon Success (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Secrets to Amazon Success (INFOGRAPHIC)

That Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) makes a lot of money is no secret. With a market value of $427 billion, the company is head and shoulders above all traditional retailers.

Amazon is an Amazing Place for Small Businesses

What’s perhaps more remarkable about Amazon is that its ecommerce domination is expected to grow in future. From a small business owner’s perspective, this makes Amazon the most attractive platform to draw customers and increase sales.

For its part, Amazon is also heavily dependent on third-party sellers to maintain its growth momentum.

According to data compiled by multi-channel ecommerce software provider Sellbrite, primary products sold by third-party are home and kitchen (18 percent), toys and games (11 percent), and books (9 percent).

A Success Story that Inspires Businesses

Succeeding in a space as cluttered as ecommerce is a challenge. Behind Amazon’s success are several factors. To begin with, the company focuses on growth instead of profits. In other words, it looks to the future, not the present.

A great lesson that Amazon imparts to small businesses is to focus on the learnings from failure to come up with winning ideas.

What’s also worth noting is how the company spends a lot to make little money. A small business owner may not find it easier to spend more and earn less. But the lesson here is to invest enough to innovate.

The Secrets to Amazon Success

To learn more about Amazon’s unique success story, check out the infographic below:

The Secrets to Amazon Success (INFOGRAPHIC)

Image: Sellbrite

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  1. It started with an idea and it grew. The story is similar with all the other startups that came from great ideas. But it takes creativity to withstand the continuous changes.

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