Tyto Care Brings Medical Visit to You Without Taking Time Away from Your Business

This Handheld Device From Telemedicine Solution Provider Tyto Care Could Prevent a Cold and Flu Outbreak at Your Small Business

A flu outbreak can bring your small business productivity to a standstill during a really important time of year. But new technology could provide ways for individuals and businesses to quickly identify illnesses and potentially avoid the spread of serious diseases.

Tyto Care is one company that is part of the growing telemedicine field, a concept that allows doctors and care providers to use telecommunications devices to provide clinical health care remotely. So instead of having to actually make an appointment and drive to a doctor’s office, you could video chat with a provider to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan.

But until recently, this concept was mainly just a way for patients and doctors to communicate if a physical appointment wasn’t possible. There wasn’t really a way for doctors to take vitals and do an actual examination. That’s where Tyto Care comes in. The company has a couple of different products that allow patients to easily collect this information, which can then be sent directly to a care provider.

Currently, the company has two main options. There’s a device meant for individuals who receive care from telemedicine provider and one that’s meant for organizations with multiple patients, so it could work for a business with a large campus that includes a health clinic. Right now, Tyto Care works directly with telemedicine providers, who can then provide patients with these devices.

How Telemedicine Solution Benefits Small Businesses

For small businesses, this concept could be a game changer. Receiving medical care in the traditional sense isn’t always convenient for entrepreneurs or their employees, especially if they’re worried about time away from their businesses. So the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with care providers could lead to quicker diagnoses and better care — which means less chance of major outbreaks.

Tyto Care CEO Dedi Gilad said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “Whether you have a small business or a large business, telehealth as a concept can offer a great way to save on healthcare costs and brings ease of access to improve healthcare to employees.”

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  1. The idea is great but how are doctors so open to this idea when they are often too busy attending to patients in hospitals is beyond me. I am wondering what type of doctors will provide their expertise through an app like this.