12 Guests Who Seem to Show Up At Every Holiday Office Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

Types of People at the Office Holiday Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

‘Tis the season to be jolly — or not so jolly as the case may be if you’re stuck next to the notorious office joker at the Holiday staff party! If you’ve worked in an office, you’ll almost certainly be able to relate to the different personalities mapped out on GetVoip’s infographic, the colleagues who can make for uncomfortable moments at any office party.

The Bombastic Boss Who Loves Cracking Jokes

Yikes you’re sat next to the ‘big boss’ at this year’s festive meal! Bosses love to crack jokes, especially at festive parties! Be sure to laugh at the boss’s jokes, even though you may have heard them umpteen times. But whatever you do, refrain from gossiping, no matter how tempting it might be!

The Anti-Social Office WorkerWho Likes to Disappear

As GetVoip’s infographic shrewdly highlights, there always seems to be a ‘hasty’ colleague at the office party who is keen to be somewhere else. Making the effort to chat and socialize with the ‘hasty’ colleague may help them be less inclined to want to be somewhere else.

The Drunk Colleague Who Can’t Say When

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without at least one member of the staff having too much to drink. Help avoid making Monday morning even more awkward for the drunken colleague by not buying him or her another drink and politely telling them it’s time to call it a night!

The (Not So) Dynamic Dancer Who Wants to Cut a Rug

There’s always one colleague who turns into Mick Jagger — not — on the dancefloor at the office party! Avoid getting into an awkward dance with the overzealous dancer by steering well clear of him or her on the dancefloor!

The Photo Fanatic Who’s Camera is Cryptonite

At least one colleague will be poised with his or her camera at the ready during festive celebrations. Unless you don’t mind being plastered all over Facebook the next day with a party hat on, keep well clear of their camera!

More office party tips from GetVoip include avoiding looking bored (even if you are), don’t be the ubiquitous drunken colleague by drinking responsibly and avoid flirting incessantly, even if you do have an office romance!

Other Types of People at the Office Holiday Party

Check out the other classic office party guests and festive party tips on GetVoip’s infographic.

Types of People at the Office Holiday Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

Images: GetVOIP

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  1. I am like the anti-social office worker who likes to disappear. Haha! This is really interesting.

  2. I am more of a workaholic Wendy. I don’t even realize that it is the holidays haha!

  3. Haha this is definitely entertaining. Although it doesn’t speak for all the personalities in a Christmas party, I can still think of some people that fit the description.