12 Voice Assistants Available Today to Help Organize Your Business

12 Voice Assistants Available Today to Help Organize Your Business

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Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular tools in helping small businesses streamline operations. By changing the way we control our smartphones and how we interact with our devices, these versatile digital assistants can save small businesses precious time and generate greater efficiency.

Voice Assistants for Small Businesses

Take a look at the following 12 voice assistants available today that help organize your business.

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For small businesses that use an Amazon device, such as Echo, Dot or Tap, Alexa can help you perform certain tasks more efficiently. This intelligent voice recognition and natural language understanding service enables businesses to voice-enable any connected device. Businesses can use Alexa for a myriad of tasks, from tracking Amazon packages to streaming podcasts. Alexa comes already installed on many of Amazon’s devices.

Alexa For Business

Empower your organization with Alexa For Business. Alexa lets you and your employees have a more productive day by performing essential tasks, such as managing schedules, keeping track of to-do lists and setting reminders. Alexa For Business can automatically dial conference calls and make phone calls for you. Alexa For Business is a pay-as-you-go service. Businesses can enroll users at $3 per user per month and $7 a month for shared devices.


Nina is described as the Nuance Intelligent Virtual Assistant, which delivers intuitive, automated experiences for a business’s digital channels by engaging customers in ‘natural conversation’ through voice or text. This voice assistant for customer self-service is priced as a subscription. Free trials of Nina are available.


Silvia is hailed as a business’s “dream employee.” The company says its assisatant can work to the highest standards, all day, every day! This conversational intelligence platform can handle virtually any knowledge-based task and reduces the risk of human error, thereby protecting co-workers, executives and investors. Silvia comes in three different options, including Silvia Embedded, Silvia Cloud and Silvia Enterprise, all of which have different functions and price structures.

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Google Assistant

Google Assistant enables you to inquire about virtually anything. This intelligent personal assistant boasts speech recognition, mobile integration, chat assistance, content control and other features to help streamline business operations. Pricing is based on subscription and a free trial is available.


Cortana is a voice-activated personal assistant from Microsoft that can help you get things done quicker. Cortana integrates with other apps within Windows, so you and your team can stay on track. With Cortana you can turn a digital Sticky Note into a reminder with ease. Cortana works in Skype and is available on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and other Microsoft devices.


Dragon is a professional-grade mobile dictation app, which enables you and your team to dictate and edit documents by voice. Dragon can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android mobile device, so you can stay productive while on the go. Dragon is available on tiered pricing models starting from $15 a month.


Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology that allows you to stream video calls, capture photos and streamline tasks, all of which is carried out with personality and emotion. You can buy this social robot that can be used in the office for $899.

Google Now

Google Now is a personal assistant program that is built into most Android phones. Google Now is designed to know what you need before you ask for it by monitoring your calendar, emails and more. Google Now performs actions based on voice commands and answers spoken questions. Google Now can be turned on for your team via the Google Admin Console. You can also get Google Now as a free iOS app.


Vokul is the first and only 100 percent hands-free voice control app for an iOS device, enabling you to dictate emails, text messages, post messages to social media and more without pressing any buttons. This means you can keep in contact with clients and colleagues safely and conveniently even on the commute to work. Vokul costs $2.99 to download to an iOS device.

Voice Answer

You can use Voice Answer as a voice-activated assistant to ask questions and perform tasks. Voice Answer will also remind you of appointments to ensure you and your team are kept on schedule. The Voice Answer app can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. There is a free version of the app, which runs advertisements.

Braina Virtual Assistant

Braina is an intelligent personal assistant that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands. Using speech recognition built into the Braina for Android App, you and your team can interact with your computer from anywhere in the house or office over a WiFi network. Braina can be downloaded at various pricing tiers starting with Braina Lite, which is free, ranging to Brain PRO Lifetime, which is $159 and lasts for a lifetime.

With voice-activated virtual assistants getting smarter, the shrewdest of small businesses are utlilizing this advanced technology to streamline tasks, enhance productivity and help give them a competitive edge.

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