These Airlines Offer the Best (and Worst) WiFi for Business Travelers

These Airlines Offer the Best (and Worst) WiFi on Planes for Business Travelers

Designed to help business travelers have more productive flights, has researched the best and worse in-flight WiFi offerings on domestic flights. The report gathers the price, availability and speed data of all major domestic airlines in the U.S. Using an algorithm, each of the airlines’ specs are compared to find the most reliable WiFi on domestic flights.

Juggling work and play during the festive period isn’t easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly if you’ve got a fair bit of traveling to do. Rather than wasting time getting from A to B during the holiday season, small business owners can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and work whilst they travel, providing they’ve got access to Wi-Fi that is.

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As John Dilley, author of’s ‘The 7 Best US Airlines for In-Flight WiFi in 2018’ report notes, “If you’re a business owner, paying for reliable in-flight internet could keep your employees productive while traveling. After all, you gotta spend money to make money!”

WiFi on Planes Report

The data ranked JetBlue as having the best overall in-flight WiFi, with 78% availability at a speed of 15Mbps and being available to passengers for no extra cost. In fact, the research found that JetBlue is the only airline in America which provides in-flight WiFi for free.

In second place is Southwest, boasting a great balance of availability and affordability, with a whopping 90% WiFi availability at a 10Mbps speed, for a cost of $8 a day. Third spot went to Delta, which has a fast 15Mbps speed and 98% availability, but comes at the higher cost of $16 a day.

HighSpeedInternet’s research found the worst airline for in-flight WiFi are Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Spirit Airlines, for the simple reason – they don’t offer in-flight WiFi!


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  1. Wifi is just one of the things that matter to them. There are also other factors that make you choose or avoid an airline.

  2. This story is wrong. JetBlue has FREE WiFi on 100% of its fleet. 100% free, no gimmicks, no limits. NO ONE comes even close to matching this price!

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