Using Wonderlic Scores to Assess Job Candidates for Your Small Business

Using Wonderlic Scores to Assess Job Candidates for Your Small Business

The Wonderlic Score is well known as the tool many NFL teams turn to when they’re making their yearly college draft decisions. Small Businesses Trends spoke with Wonderlic CEO, Charles Wonderlic about how their SaaS pre-employment testing program, Wonscore, works and why Wonderlic scores are useful when looking for eligible candidates.

Wonderlic Scores Designed for SMBs

“Our technology is specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses,” he said. “We actually give them recommendations and comparisons of candidates.”

Library of Candidate Profiles

The technology includes a library of candidate profiles for over 900 jobs in a variety of major industries. Small businesses match up the job they’re looking to hire for by sorting through a series of attributes and job descriptions.

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They plug these in and get a series of applicants that match what they’ve fed into the system displayed on as dashboard based on what’s called a Wonscore.

A Series of Metrics

Businesses looking to hire don’t get a ream of resumes from everyone who is interested. All the applicants are screened based on a series of metrics that rank them and pit them against each other. Job applicants complete assessments online based on the jobs any small business has open. They are ranked based on three Wonscore criteria. They score each candidates through cognitive or problem solving ability, personality traits and motivation.

Results from the three assessments are combined into one single score or Wonscore. With this system any small business owner is able to sort through candidate scores before they even look at a resume.


Experience is one of the keys separating this system from the competition. Wonderlic explains.

“We’ve been assessing job candidates since 1937. In that time we’ve assessed hundreds of millions of people.”

Every job in their database has information on the three Wonscore criteria stored. Small business are able to not only select the job the need to fill, but the levels needed in these three fields before the process starts.

Online Assessment Tool

Wonderlic says the online assessment tool is testing 20,000 people a day. This translates into a big advantage for small businesses.

The company has been able to scale the trends they see in larger firms and make them available to smaller enterprises through automation. This innovation also makes it more affordable.

Democratizing the Process

“We take everything that we’ve learned from small, medium and large businesses and put capabilities into the hands of smaller businesses,” Wonderlic says. “We’re democratizing the process of being really rigorous with hiring.”

This is the online way for small businesses to save time and money since the process actually takes the place of a consultant. There’s an online demo available to go through the process for a week that’s free of charge.

Post a Link

After they go through the initial setup, businesses post a link to the Wonscore servers on any ad they create. After they they can go to a dashboard to see the Wonscore scores for candidates as they come in. The scores are ranked against one another.

This system has several advantages for small businesses because the candidates are filtered.

Wider Net

“With a wider net you typically get more people with higher qualifications,” Wonderlic says. “ It gives you more to choose from than if you told them they needed to come to your store to apply.”

Another bonus is the fact your business gets passive job seekers, or those who are employed but looking.

Wonscore has a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly version starts at $100 and the annual version starts at $120 a month.



Rob Starr Rob Starr is a staff writer for Small Business Trends. Rob is a freelance journalist and content strategist/manager with three decades of experience in both print and online writing. He currently works in New York City as a copywriter and all across North America for a variety of editing and writing enterprises.

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