ZipRecruiter and Square Partner to Help Small Businesses Find Job Candidates

ZipRecruiter and Square Partner to Help Small Businesses Find Job Candidates

Job application aggregator ZipRecruiter and digital payment solution Square (NYSE: SQ) have formed a new partnership which will help small businesses find candidates for job openings.

Under this partnership, ZipRecruiter will be the first and only hiring service in Square’s App Marketplace. The integration is going to give the 225,000 active Square customers, many small businesses, access to the talent available in ZipRecruiter.

Finding the right person for the job is no easy task, and for small businesses, it is even more difficult. When ZipRecruiter formed a similar partnership with Facebook earlier this year, Facebook’s Product Manager for Jobs, Gaurav Dosi, told TechCrunch, “40 percent of US small businesses report that filling jobs was more difficult than they expected, which is challenging when you consider that these small businesses also employ nearly half of the country’s workforce.”

The Integration of ZipRecruiter and Square

Small businesses already using Square or its App Marketplace can now log-on and post an opening to find candidates.

In a post on the ZipRecruiter blog, Director of Marketing PPartnerships Keren Zemer writes, “The App Marketplace is a convenient place where hundreds of thousands of active Square invoice sellers can find trusted and popular business apps endorsed by Square to help with their everyday operational needs.”

As the first and only hiring service to be featured in Square’s App Marketplace, ZipRecruiter will be able to take advantage of the already engaged user base using Square hardware and software. ZipRecruiter brings its technology, including hiring tools for small businesses, to the relationship.

For businesses not familiar with ZipRecruiter, the app will be available for free with a four-day trial. This will let business owners get familiar with the platform, and if they find a candidate within the four days even better, because it will be free.

Benefit for Small Business

Large organizations have HR departments to find the right candidates. For most small businesses, an HR department is not even an option. This partnership is going to help small companies find local help with a simplified process for employees and employers alike.

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  1. Good more for ZipRecruiter. I know many more SMBs on Square and this provides the easiest path to recruiting through a major platform.

  2. Millennials are really getting quite choosy with their jobs. It is a good thing that we now have apps like this that can help us in finding the right candidates for the positions in our companies.