98% of All Companies Plan to Use E-Learning by 2020 with Opportunities for Small Biz

2018 E-Learning Trends

Just a few years ago, e-Learning was a niche market not understood by a vast majority of businesses. Today, it’s a booming industry with immense potential.

2018 E-Learning Trends

According to data compiled by e-Learning platform Zeqr, by 2022 the global learning management system market will be valued at 19.05 billion. What’s more, 98 percent of organizations said they would implement video as part of their digital learning strategy.

For small businesses, this represents a huge opportunity, both for those interested in using e-learning to teach their teams or employees new things and for those interested in creating e-Learning content for other clients.

Rise of Digital Media Fuels e-Learning Growth

It’s not difficult to see why e-Learning has gained wide acceptance and popularity in a rather short span of time. By making learning and tutoring available 24/7 and at a pace suitable to different learners, it has made learning easy. It’s therefore not a surprise that 90 percent of students think online learning is the same or better than traditional classroom experience.

Today, online learning is the new normal and corporations have increased their use of e-learning a whopping 900 percent in the last 16 years.

The Future Belongs to Mobile and Video Learning

Online learning owes much of its success to the popularity of mobile and video. Take mobile for instance. Sixty-seven percent of people now use mobile devices to access learning.

Video, too, is a popular tool for learners. It is expected to be responsible for 80 percent of the internet traffic in the world by 2019.

Numerous E-Learning Platforms Are Now Available

Various platforms specializing in different types of learnings are available today to those interested. Udemy has the largest catalog of pre-recorded online courses whereas Zeqr provides live 1 on 1 classes.

For software, creative and business pre-recorded classes, Lynda.com is a popular platform.

To know more about the prospects of the e-Learning market, check out the infographic below:

2018 E-Learning Trends

Images: ZEQR

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