Cargo VPN Offers Your Business Protection While You Work Remotely

Cargo VPN Offers a Private and Personal IP Address

Cargo VPN for Mac provides personal IP address and server with an added layer of protection for your digital presence. Eltima Software’s newest VPN or virtual private network keeps unwanted eyes from peeking at your activity, location, communications and traffic.

The personal static IP address and server from Cargo VPN gives you another level of control when you are online. With this capability, you can whitelist who can access your site and network.

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If you are running a small business, chances are you and your employees work remotely. This means accessing company data using the most convenient network available. Often times, it is public WiFi and networks locally and at airports, hotels and other venues when traveling. While it is convenient, you run the risk of getting hacked if you don’t use a VPN or have the necessary security protocols in place. 

The Features of Cargo VPN

The company says it uses more than 70 VPN server locations and over 1,000 high-speed servers across the globe with DNS Firewall to provide the service. And a single subscription or account will protect up to five devices, covering the employees of many small businesses with 256-bit data encryption.

In addition to Mac OS, the protection also extends to iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address and Server

A dedicated IP address gives your small business the same address and it also means you don’t have to share it with anyone else. If you don’t share it with another user, you won’t experience the ‘bad neighbor’ effect. And the chances of getting hacked or spoofed become that much smaller.

Having a dedicated server also has the same benefits, but it also provides faster speeds and better access to your data. 

Try Cargo VPN

You can try Cargo VPN for free with a 24-hour trial period. If you like the service, the subscription starts at $9.99 per month. However, if you pay for single or multiple years, the price goes down considerably. A one year subscription is $4.17 per month and the three-year level comes down to $2.78.

The service is renewed automatically, but you can turn off the feature after your purchase.

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  1. VPNs are a must nowadays. You always risk yourself getting exposed. You have the right to be anonymous and you can do that easily with a VPN.

  2. And it can also help you surf faster. Just make sure that you are using a reliable VPN.

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  4. Cargo VPN is one of the most reliable VPN networks for data safety and security.

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