Chargebee Adds Email to Recurring Billing and Subscription Services for Small Businesses

Transactional Emails for Subscription Businesses from Chargebee

Chargebee has enhanced its transactional email notifications to improve customer experience when interacting with recurring billing and subscription management services. These services are also provided by Chargebee.

With the new improvements, subscription businesses can use transactional emails for better engagement with their customers. The emails can be more personalized with targeted correspondence that can be segmented to reach your audience via a much simpler and smarter email editor.

If you are a small business with a subscription model, you need to capitalize on this opportunity and make your interaction more effective. While saying “Thank you for your business” is polite, you can do more to use this highly-interactive moment to engage more with your customers.

The Opportunity of Transactional Emails for Subscription Businesses

A transactional email is triggered by interaction from a user. This can be anything from the sending out of an invoice for payment to the renewing of a subscription to a request for information and more.

Compared to regular email, transactional emails have an open-rate of more than 69 percent. For subscription businesses, this presents opportunities to retain customers, make new offers, improve your brand and, of course, address any pending payments.

Praveen Francis, Director of Design and UX at Chargebee, explained the opportunities this high open rate potentially offers. In a press release announcing the services, Francis explained:

“You can also treat it as a customer acquisition channel. We wanted to build the best email experience, so you don’t have to, and you will see that, with our transactional emails which are going to undergo several iterations of powerful improvements.”

Francis added email represents an untapped tool to promote new content.

The New Features

The new features start with the ability to send multiple reminders for unpaid invoices and overdue payments with follow-ups. You can also create a call to action button within the email so customers can update payment information, including credit cards that are about to expire, addresses and more. The reminders can be used to let your customers know when a trial has expired, or when they should apply a coupon to their purchase. It even contacts customers who have abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase.

There is also an opportunity for upsells by sending targeted emails for higher subscription plans with upgrade campaigns. The campaigns can be launched with a new feature capable of creating templates with information cards, social media links and customized email signature.

The emails can be customized further by including personalized information and segmenting them into categories such as customers who are on a trial basis or customers on free versus paid plans. This allows you to send contextual and targeted emails to add to the customization level. When you are ready to send the email, the mobile-optimized Chargebee improvement will make it a smartphone-friendly view.

Managing Your Subscriptions

If the number of your subscribers continues to grow, managing them can be a business in itself. For a small business, this can mean hiring additional help and devoting more resources. A solution such as Chargebee manages the subscription, invoicing, payments and accounting, as well as analytics. And the new improvements to its transaction email notification will let you turn the emails of your customers into opportunities.

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  1. This is great for it serves as a warning before the renewal. I was often surprised with auto renewals that move on its own. I don’t like the sudden deductions in my account.